Good new, folks! I have just signed up with Survivalist Seeds to help distribute Heirloom seeds, just in time for Spring planting season. Here is a bit about Big John, who started the company:

Big John has been a practicing survivalist since 1990, beginning in the mountains of Montana and now resides in the black oak forest of southeast Kansas. He has built a self-efficient homestead and lives a simple life based on Henry David Thoreau’s classic books – Civil Disobedience and Walden. 

    “Men have become tools of their tools.”
    Henry David Thoreau, Walden 

    “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”
    Henry David Thoreau, Walden

    “Law never made men a whit more just.”
    Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

In his own words, here is his mission:

We are all called to do something. You have a role, I have a role. I was called to feed the patriots during the coming difficult times. I grow most of my own food and harvest 20% of the seeds for resale. I package these seeds myself on my dining room table deep in the woods of southeastern Kansas where I have built a self-sufficient homestead…

From the beginning, our mission has been vast. First, to provide a long term food solution for patriots in order to overcome the impending economic collapse by growing their own food. Second, we have the goal of putting giant hybrid and genetically modified seed corporations out of business. And third, we would like to get Americans back to the basics of growing at least 25% of their own food.

The seeds he offers are:

all-natural seeds, original strains of garden food non-hybrid, not genetically modified. Most of these seeds date back 150 years. Unlike hybrid GM seeds that are sterile and lack nutrition, heirloom offspring seeds can be saved and grown later. Important when people are starving!

He also purchases seeds from the people who buy his seeds, plant gardens, and harvest their own seeds:

After tremendous efforts and many obstacles, we have taken this to the next level, that is to offer you, the heirloom seed gardener a way to earn an income from your harvested seeds from your garden…

You can listen to his radio show, “Don’t Tread On Me” at the following URL:

Purchase these seeds and get in on the program of putting Monsanto out of business by growing your own garden, harvesting your own seeds, and eating healthy! Click the graphic below or this LINK to go to Survivalist Seeds and purchase your Heirloom seeds for the coming growing season:

Survivalist Seeds



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