The Heirloom Organics Seeds of Action! program provides seeds and assistance, free of cost, to non-profit groups and organizations throughout North America, who are using seeds for community service projects.

Here you will see accounts of the various group projects occurring around the country, which Heirloom Organics is supporting. If you have a group you believe qualifies, you can apply to the program on these pages as well.

Heirloom Organics is proud to support school groups, church organizations, community gardening groups, summer camps, Native American groups, community action groups, self-reliance initiatives, open-pollinated group projects and others.

If you are in charge of a group or organization that you believe qualifies for the Seeds of Action! program, follow the link below and fill out the assistance request form and provide the following items:

1. A brief description of your group or program that will use the seeds.
2. A brief description of your garden plan (size, what varieties, how it will be developed)
3. A Picture of your group and/or garden plot (by e-mail)
4. Permission to publish your story.

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