Source: Farmer’s Almanac 2010

Those who don’t care for wintry weather might not care for what the Farmers’ Almanac has to say regarding the rest of the winter. The 2010 forecast warns of frequent stormy weather into March, with heavy rains and wet snows, for much of North America. In fact, the Farmers’ Almanac predicts that the coming days and weeks will see at least three-quarters of the nation enduring unseasonably cold weather, with only the far western US experiencing near or above normal temperatures.

Be sure to check out the Farmers’ Almanac long-range forecast to see specific predictions for your region.

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One Response to “When will the snow end?”

  1. Ed Howes says:

    In Sunny Southern Arizona, on the mountain side, we are having the mildest Winter in my recollection. Might do some rain dances this Summer though. :) Blessings X 10,