Aggie is a product of genetic engineering. She is used to insert foreign genes into normal plant cells, which grow into genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for companies such as Monsanto.

This process endangers our food supply and health when these GMOs are allowed to grow in the open field.

Aggie is dedicated to providing educational material regarding these risks in a simple, easy to understand format. You don’t have to be a molecular biologist to understand the process.


The Adventures of Aggie the Traveling Agrobacterium

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One Response to “Introducing Aggie – The Traveling Agrobacterium™”

  1. Visionaerie says:

    Very interesting and highly educational! Did you happen to catch Garry Meier’s (WGN) afternoon radio program this week? Either Thursday or Friday he was talking to Orion Samuelson about some (supposedly) human-caused problem. Then suddenly Samuelson unveiled his true intentions: “Of course we could solve that by reducing 80% of the population.” THEN HE LAUGHED! Of course, you could have expected this from someone who’s advertised for Monsanto. But I guess he’s shrewd enough to appear populistic on other occasions, like in expressing the sense that the majority of farmers didn’t want NAIS! You might want to download Meier’s webcast(s) and even ask him about this. The Samuelson segment happened after 1:30 PM, I believe Thursday. And since Monsanto has already claimed patent ownership of pigs, how soon before we become their property? Keep fighting the good fight!