A must-see short film about the connection between traditional agriculture methods and disease.

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7 Responses to “Our Children Will Accuse Us”

  1. nedlud says:


    It is very upsetting. I was even concerned about my other comment being censored, because I named some names. Thankfully I wasn’t (censored). Thank you Barbara! There is a BUREAUCRATIC chain of command, going up to the top ‘elites’–the super-wealthy–that attempts to control EVERYTHING. And unfortunately, they are succeeding.

    Local support (believing in each other, helping each other, and not THEM), and awareness of and confrontation with, this BUREAUCRATIC chain of command, is our duty.

    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am, with George Siemon (of Organic Valley) for example, for being an active part of this ‘chain of command’. In telephone conversations I had with him, during my difficulties with Organic Valley, he pretended to be like me, saying, ‘Well, you knooow Guy, I was a horse farmer (farmed with horses, had a small dairy herd) too’. If he ever was such a thing, he sold out and now is a LIAR.

    Organic Valley was caught buying large factory milk and pawning it as ‘organic’. In the meantime, they were extorting and forcing small farmers like me, out of business….I HATE THEM.

  2. Shannon,

    It takes one person at a time, doing exactly what you are doing to make significant change. Keep up the good work, and don’t feel like the Lone Ranger!

  3. nedlud says:

    Yeah I like that term too, ‘authentically raised’. Eliot Coleman? Say, he’s not one of those dudes that ‘forked over’ Kent Whealy at the Seed Saver’s Exchange and then censored dissent and opinion on their (SSE’s) website is he? People, especially well-to-do (monied) people, WILL talk one thing and do quite another!! They tend to be full of their own sh*t. But maybe I am just misplacing names, I can’t keep track of every name….

    But see, I know about being ‘forked over’. Organic Valley (George Siemon, pres.) did it to me. I used to be an organic dairy farmer. Very small size, very authentic. Organic Valley ruined me financially, utterly devastated me. They were heartless, soulless and gutless. I am still courting lawyers, in an effort to get justice, but I seem to be a poor bride. Poor as in, you need LOTSA money to have any rights.


  4. Shannon says:

    What more can a single mom do? I feel helpless! I only buy local, try to get organic-at the farmers markets! I think the only way to control your food supply is to grow your own? ITs all so upsetting!

  5. annie says:

    i will always like eliot coleman’s coinage of “authentically raised”.

  6. Visionaerie says:

    I think that the word “traditional” is erroneous — what tradition would ever uphold an intensive poisoning of the soil, animals and people? Let’s give it another name like “chemunist” or corporatist. Then we can take the higher ground as the champions of original, truly-traditional agriculture that respects the good earth and all its inhabitants!

  7. Elena says:

    I am watching this with tears in my eyes. Yes, our children will accuse us if we don’t fight for their future. Thank you for sharing this.