Wafaa’ [INEAS] speaks about IRAQ’s Order 81, which was passed by Paul Bremer on April 26, 2004 to award Iraq’s agricultural treasures to multinational corporations such as Monsanto and Cargill.

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4 Responses to “Order 81, Iraq, and the Decimation of Traditional Seeds”

  1. black sheep with shoe polish on it's fur says:

    Don’t you see…..the farmers that comply,have plants(gmo modified)that will cross pollinate with their original seed.And this in essence will undermine,all indigent seeds.And the developed hybrid will,in growing seasons,replace any traditional seeds.Mexico outlawed all gmo seeds for corn.Proud of the fact that,corn,originated in Mexico.Since then,in towns that don’t even have motorized transport,gmo modified corn,in individual plants in the middle of their fields,have been found.Somebody is doing this.They are manipulating all existing systems,crops,whatever to get (primarily Monsantos)seed to exist world wide.Don’t you see…the gangsters…errrr,the banksters,now having gained control of the worlds’ economy,have only to control water,and food.And with that will go forward with the rest of their plans.This is just the beginning.

  2. Tatiana Covington says:

    It’s only a piece of paper with some ink on it. It doesn’t actually do anything. Burn it.

    The Iraqi farmers remain physically able to save their seeds, whether someone makes a law or not. It’s not that they can’t save the seed, it’s that someone else tries to interfere, and, most importantly, delude them into thinking that they are obliged to a mere document.

    The Iraqis should just break laws they don’t like. Or just ignore them.

    They’re only documents.

    There is no legitimate authority.

  3. Annie,

    Farmers, wherever Monsanto et. al. have a foothold, are subjected to draconian measures. Monsanto sends spies to their property to dig up plants and send them to the lab for testing to see if they contain the transgene. Even if the farmer has not purchased nor knowingly used GM seeds, if they find the transgene due to pollen drift, they sue the farmer for a usage fee. The farmer, if he will not comply, ends up in a lengthy court battle, and all of his saved seed is destroyed as well as his crops because of the gene mixture. Look up the case of Percy Schmeiser in Canada.

    Now, imagine what will happen to farmers in occupied Iraq if they go against Order 81. They will simply starve because they cannot save their seed. Their own seedbank was destroyed, and the replacement seed they receive from the US is genetically modified and patented. So, what to do? Pay Monsanto or starve. That is the choice Bremer has given them.

    The people who thought about saving seeds from heritage crops are the only ones who will be able to save their seed for the next planting. However, if the country becomes overrun with Monsanto crops, cross-pollination and horizontal gene transfer will quickly spread the transgene to the heritage crops, and those farmers will be in the same position as the ones who go along with the program.

  4. annie says:

    i understand the problems with agri-corps getting involved, for sure. but how will they be prohibited from using their own seed? will they be shot, arrested? will they come dig up their gardens?