By: S.D. Fields

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Essentially the same thing is happening in agriculture that happened in 1913 with the Federal Reserve. Thomas Jefferson gave us a stark warning during his era. The central banks & the corporations that grow up around them are more dangerous than any standing army.

I’ve got a new company slogan for Monsanto: PROFESSIONAL THIEVES & LIARS!

The warning signs have been around for years, so have the predictions. When I was a kid I remember a conversation between my dad and two neighbors. It was spring planting season during the mid 1970s and we were standing along the road visiting. The focus of these men was the PVPA label on the bags of soybean seed. One remarked: You wait, one of these days those bastards will end up stealing this from us! At the time and for several years to follow I had no clue what they where talking about; but I do now.

The PVPA was not a totally welcome event. Our genetic infrastructure had been loaned to private industry to enhance & market under their label. The fears were soothed by the exemption from infringement of a farmer’s right to save seed.

Fast forward twenty five years. The ignorance of Congress to foresee the future when designing a reward system for plant breeders has been exploited. The introduction of biotechnology brought about an entirely new set of language. What was once referred to as enhancement by the Plant Variety and Protection Act, (PVPA) is now called intellectual property. The checks and balances established and honored by the PVPA has been deleted by the use of patent law. Added expense and no seed saving restrictions also followed. The public was furious, along with farmers and seed companies alike. READ MORE…

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One Response to “The Seed Monopolies: The warning signs were there”

  1. Dan Bryant says:

    We have 2000 of non-hybrid corn seed acres under cultivation in AL. We have guard’s patrolling it. We hope that Monsanto come’s with there goon’s

    We are more that prepared.