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For those who need to hear:

As I watch people get sick around me, The dots connect clearly.

Most people have had a truckload of childhood vaccines. Most run to the doc with every sniffle and take Big Pharma drugs. Most are hooked on Big Pharma drugs by the time they reach adulthood.

I was told I would develop cancer because it “runs in the family.” A lie. They wanted to do all sorts of tests on me and every time I had a tummy ache my parents were instructed to ship me off to get a complete MRI to detect cancer.

Guess what? I knew back then it was most likely a lie, and was lifestyle related. My dad and I refused vaccines. I only received a polio vaccine that mom sneaked me off to get. When he found out…. let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. He was right.

When I got older, I managed my diet after doing the research, determined to eat as organic as possible and avoid processed foodstuffs. Also, to avoid Big Pharma pushers such as doctors. It worked. I am older now, and no cancer. Not even a hint.

If I had listened to the docs back then, I would have been irradiated, and most likely had both breasts removed like my mom as a preventative measure. That is not healthcare. That is butchery.

So, if you are letting them jab your children with all of the vaccines that the CDC recommends, you are setting them up for a lifetime of ailments. But not to worry, as the ailments will be blamed on genetics, or something else so as not to reduce medical establishment profits, and keep people in line.


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