…They would have received a billion federal dollars faster than you could slip on a pair of pink heels.


AUG 19, 2023

Biden would be there, on the ground, handing out stacks of cash, down on his knees, kissing asses, promising to take the trannies shopping in Oahu.

FEMA agents in droves would be taking and processing applications for aid on the spot in Maui, and handing out more cash.

But no.

On FEMA’s website, we have this preposterous “fact-check”:

Rumor: FEMA is only giving Hawaii wildfire survivors $700 per household


This is not true. There is a range of federal disaster assistance available. Critical Needs Assistance provides a onetime payment of $700 to address immediate needs such as food, water and clothing. This is just one of several types of federal assistance you may be eligible to receive. As applications are reviewed, you can check your application status online or call 800-621-3362 to find out what types of disaster assistance you are eligible to receive.

Sure. Let’s make these homeless people who have lost family members wait. Make them check their application status online. Make them call an 800 number to see what they qualify for.

SURELY, $700 will tide them over. Of course it will. Uh-huh.

I say put these FEMA motherfuckers out of their homes without resources in some blown-out spot, like the south side of Chicago, at night, and let THEM file an application for aid, and let THEM call an 800 number to see what type of assistance THEY qualify for.

Give them first-hand experience.

Make that stupid comedian who governs the Ukraine call an 800 number and demand $5 billion from Biden and put in a written application and wait for an answer while his demand is processed.

I guarantee you, half the weapons earmarked for the Ukraine and instead put through the black market are arriving somewhere in Asia faster than the people on Maui will get any kind of cash that sees them through their tragedy.

Federal dollars that support hospitals where surgeons are castrating young boys and doing double mastectomies on girls—tender gender affirming care—are arriving in the hospital bank accounts faster than the people on Maui will get real aid.

The speed of federal money depends on federal opinion of need—as in, who needs it. And the above stone cold FEMA announcement is quite clear on what the government thinks about the people of Maui.

— Jon Rappoport

“$700 one-time payment to ravaged Maui residents? What’s the message of the message?” Click here to read.

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