Watched “The Night That Panicked America.” It seems we’ve learned absolutely nothing about the incredible power of the media since 1938.

Enter the present Covid-19 media operation, where government played War of the Worlds on us with a fake viral invasion. Radio and TV broadcasts were and still are designed to continually instill fear and panic.

I remember when I was in the store and heard the Emergency Broadcast for the first time, warning people to stay inside or they will kill Grandma due to the “virus.” And then the masks, social distancing, and introduction of the killer jab. People lost jobs, businesses, and we still have not recovered despite the ramblings of the demented creep installed as “President.” He simply does as he is told. No moral base, just an order follower.

Heckuva broadcast, eh? And the people bowed to the government and said, “yes, Massah!”

Watch the movie “The Night that Panicked America” and you will see the present day correlation.


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