Welcome to the NWO Great Reset where everything is automated and nothing gets done. You talk to automated systems and when you don’t get an answer to the problem after being on the phone and Internet for 4 hours, you get a dial tone. Simply disconnected.

Money still being deducted, and no way to end it. You will own nothing because if you cannot get through on any system, you are stranded while things shut down and your bank account is drained. Where AI is in control and people simply do not count at all. We are assets to be discarded when no longer profitable. BHP

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3 Responses to “CTRL – ALT – DELETE”

  1. Terry Adams says:

    I have been down in the rabbit hole since two thousand nine looking for answers to this insidious bio-weapon that infests me. In the last thirteen years I have learned much… I haven’t found a cure for what they are calling “morgellons disease” (it is NOT morgellons!) but I have learned that WE THE PEOPLE have been deceived all of our lives. Call it “bait and switch” or whatever but this experiment in man governing man was designed to fail from the very beginning – IMHO – so the luciferian psychopaths that run the world could repackage her as mystery babylon – home of all sorts of demons and exporter of all sorts of evil. I would say that fits our former republic quite nicely. See, only a population that believed that they were actually free (they weren’t) could have envisioned then developed advancements like nanotechnology and Crisper genetic splicing – and only a pure evil corporation, pretending to be a free nation , after being stolen from it’s apathetic citizens could WEAPONIZED these technologies in order to cull the population down to a manageable level and control the rest.

  2. PJ London says:

    “We disapprove of slavery and the cost of the maintenance and upkeep of slaves.
    We prefer our English model in which we control the issuance of currency, and control of money, it allows us to control labor without the cost of maintaining it.”
Lord Baron Rothschild (private owner of the Bank of England. Quote 1849)

  3. Paul Fassa says:

    Clever title that encapsulates the plan control (the masses, alternate people with AI, and get rid of the people!0