The following article makes a whole lot of sense if you consider that this country is being run by the most corrupt American regime, as far as we know, that has ever occupied the White House. Therefore, it is fairly safe to assume that its Ukraine dealings are most likely a money laundering scheme concocted by those who would be kings and queens, who are out to destroy the country for wealth and power.


Prisoner-swapped Viktor Bout already worked for USA running weapons in Iraq

As you no doubt are aware, yesterday Joe Biden swapped a high-level Russian arms trafficker and former lieutenant colonel in the Russian army with a pot head LGBTQ basketball player who despises America.

Biden and the Democrats are using Ukraine as a money laundering slush fund, according to two sources who spoke to me independently (and who are about to go public with this accusation, most likely today or tomorrow).

They allegedly need a way to turn those weapons into cash to be laundered back into the pockets of the corrupt politicians who voted for the funding in the first place.

I was told yesterday that Bout is being released under one condition: That he work for the Biden regime to sell US-supplied weapons to black market buyers around the world (including the Middle East), effectively laundering weapons sales into cash for Democrats and the crooked Biden crime family.

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