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Yes, you read that right. I worked for the Head Start Oregon Child Development Coalition (OCDC) and was essentially terminated for refusing to comply with its mask requirement despite a Federal judge’s ruling against the organization’s mask and vaccine mandates (LINK).  

I attempted to go in the building without a mask.

I was told that since I refused to wear a mask in the building I would be put on unpaid administrative leave. I was contacted later that day and asked again, if I would wear a mask and if I did not, then they would determine that I had resigned. I stated that I did not resign, that it appears that I was being terminated for not obeying the overturned mask mandate.

The response was “no, you resign.” I requested a letter stating that I was on unpaid administrative leave and the reason. The next day I was removed from the system. I never received the letter.

The reason this happened? Well, according to my ex-supervisor: “That ruling  against the mandates does not apply to Oregon, and other countries have mask mandates such as China.”

Seriously? We are now to model after Communist China in a center supposedly there to care for pre-school children? This is programming. Plain and simple. Start with the children and soon you will have complete control of a nation.

About Head Start’s Oregon Child Development Coalition (OCDC)

The organization is supposed to be for all low income families, to care for their children at no cost, with free transportation to and from the center. However, there were no families that were not Mexican at the center where I worked that I observed. None.

Here are some of the bullet points that I observed first hand:

  • Mask, Jab, Test

That is the standard if you work there. If you do not take the Covid 19  shot, you are sick until proven healthy and must undergo testing every week. If you have the vaccine, you do not have to test. I was required to get a medical vaccination and mask exemption to continue working there, which I did. I wore a transparent face shield as a compromise to keep my job while on the bus so the children could see my face.

According to the CDC’s guidelines at the time that I refused to continue masking up by wearing the shield, the only work places where masking was required were prisons, hospitals, and homeless shelters. OCDC is none of those.

  • Nothing American Allowed – no symbols on clothing relating to America
  • American flag removed
  • English language not spoken by the majority of staff and not required for children

I was told that since English is not the children’s native language, they do not need it spoken.

They also issue their own I.D.s to people who do not have an American I.D., and do not allow the term “illegal alien” to be used. Instead, they demand that “undocumented immigrant” be used instead. This directive came straight from their training class.

It appears that the state of California is following suit with issuing state I.D.s to illegals: California state IDs for illegals set a dangerous precedent

In other words, if you are an illegal alien, you get all the benefits of American citizenship without having to go through that pesky legal requirement of actually becoming an American citizen. And if you cannot speak or read English, so much the better. You will simply do as instructed, and with the open border allowing millions of illegal aliens into this country who do not speak English, we can see where this is headed.

Child Abuse

When the plandemic started, the OCDC center where I worked instructed us that all of the pre-schoolers riding the bus that were 2 years and older needed to wear a mask. I refused this immediately as it was clearly child abuse. They relented on this and no child on my bus was forced to wear a mask. Only in the buildings.

However, it is also child abuse to not allow children who are growing up to see a human face. How will they develop emotionally without seeing anything but a mask? Answer: They will not. They will be turned into drones that simply follow orders and not be able to cognitively make decisions for themselves.

“The mask deletes individuality. Especially for children. If they cannot see faces      while they are developing, they lose sight of any form of individuality. They become, quite literally, slaves in the making. And this concept is being marketed as wholesome and normal…”(LINK)

“The brain is the ultimate organ of adaptation. It takes in information and orchestrates complex behavioral repertoires that allow human beings to act in sometimes marvelous, sometimes terrible ways. Most of what people think of as the “self”—what we think, what we remember, what we can do, how we feel—is acquired by the brain from the experiences that occur after birth. Some of this information is acquired during critical or sensitive periods of development, when the brain appears uniquely ready to take in certain kinds of information, while other information can be acquired across broad swaths of development that can extend into adulthood. This spectrum of possibilities is well captured by coinciding evidence of both the remarkably rapid brain development that characterizes the early childhood period and the brain’s lifelong capacity for growth and change. The balance between the enduring significance of early brain development and its impressive continuing plasticity lies at the heart of the current controversy about the effects on the brain of early experience.” (LINK)

The Bottom Line

According to the origins of Head Start, the program is based on developing children’s brains (LINK). The question is, in what direction is this development heading? Children, when they are born, have only one way of learning, which is visually. They cannot speak. They can only see the things around them. Mask the people around them and they cannot learn from facial expressions. Their brains do not develop properly. 

It appears that creating generations of slaves out of illegal aliens’ children who cannot think for themselves is the goal. And Head Start’s OCDC is leading the way through child indoctrination as well as ridding itself of anyone who questions their directives.

I will not comply with their anti-American policies geared towards total enslavement of future generations.

© 2022 Barbara H. Pazanski

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