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Farm Wars

We as a nation are heading down a path that leads to destruction. Destruction of our way of life. Destruction of our economy and everything that we hold dear. And our children are being used to format this New Normal, which is in reality, the old normal of Communism with America in the crosshairs, leading the way for the Great Reset. The New World Order of Communism, where you will “own nothing and be happy.” This, of course, is being implemented by those who plan to own everything and be happy.

The picture shown above was taken from a Pre-School bulletin board in Oregon. The school is teaching children that masking is cool, and if people don’t do it, then they are not good people, so don’t be like them. Why? Well, it’s not because of a phony “pandemic.” This tactic has been used before. Why? To subjugate and enslave.

The mask deletes individuality. Especially for children. If they cannot see faces while they are developing, they lose sight of any form of individuality. They become, quite literally, slaves in the making. And this concept is being marketed as wholesome and normal, such as the following picture taken from an ad for child masks on Amazon.

Our school system is guilty of child indoctrination, and helping to implement this atrocious path towards complete enslavement of the country. And we willingly subject our kids to this program. We beg the system to take care of what we are too lazy to do ourselves – teach them. Yes, teach them. We hand them over to indoctrination centers to do whatever they want with them. And since these centers are run by a corrupt government, we are going to get what we ask for. Complete subjugation. Communism right here in America. And we are begging for it through gross laziness. We have misplaced our trust in a system that wants only our destruction, disguised as “beneficial” and “necessary” for the good of the whole. Sound familiar? It should.

“Communism is a form of government most closely associated with the ideas of Karl Marx, which he outlined in The Communist Manifesto. Communism is based on the goal of eliminating socioeconomic class struggles by creating a classless society in which everyone shares the benefits of labor and the state controls all property and wealth.” LINK

You will own nothing and be happy. YOU, not THEM – the “leaders.”

All the ingredients for a complete takeover and elimination of the American Way of Life are being put together now and the future is grim. So, continue to mask-up, obey your overlords, subject your children to Communist indoctrination centers, AKA Public Schools run by the government of crooks and con-men, and walla! There you have it. The Great Reset, which you are willingly helping to bring about.

And by the way, you can say goodbye to any freedoms that you might be enjoying, because when these indoctrinated children grow up, this country will never be able to recover from the Communist dictatorship that is being implemented. Our faceless, masked lemmings will be leading the way over the cliff and recovery will not be possible. So stand up now.


Barbara H. Pazanski

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2 Responses to “Brainwashing 101: America’s Descent into Communism”

  1. The real story of government education can be traced to a long-forgotten communist commune in Indiana called “New Harmony,” and its eccentric founder. Established in the 1820s by Robert Owen, a Welsh Utopian who rejected Christianity and private property, the idea behind the settlement was to show the world that collectivism was actually superior to individualism.

    Like the communist experiments of the 20th century—Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and so on—New Harmony was a disaster, albeit not as bloody as the socialist experiments of later years. Within two years of its establishment, though, everybody knew New Harmony was a total failure.

    The utter implosion of this experiment in collectivism, which preceded Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” by some two decades, is the reason those early advocates of collectivism made the adoption of mandatory government schools for all children their top priority. The thinking was that the commune failed not because of anything wrong with communism or collectivism, but because the people living there had not been properly socialized and “educated” to be collectivists from childhood.

    Just like Marx and Engels would claim decades later, the Owenites believed that what was needed were government schools that would take over child rearing from the earliest possible ages. And so that became their sole focus.

  2. PJ London says:

    While you are right in some respects, you have been brainwashed into the use of the word “Communism!!” for anything you don’t like.
    As you point out, masking has been in use for thousands of years, so why call it “communist”? Stalin never enforced ‘masking’.
    It was Engels who wrote “The Communist Manifesto” but as he was unknown and Marx was a brilliant theoretical economist, he added Marx’s name (with Karl’s permission) to gain recognition and create a ‘Proletarian’ political movement.
    If you want to point to some originator of the mass psychological manipulation, Edward Bernays and Madison Ave are the masters, not anyone else. The 1950s when every child across America was taught to be terrified and hide beneath their desks because the evil communists were going to bomb them. When perfectly serviceable clothing had to be discarded because it ‘went out of fashion’.
    The WEF is not communist or socialist, it is blatantly and provably Capitalist. Run by Capitalist bankers and MIC industrialists. It is THEY who have taken over every western Government, not idealists.
    China is not the enemy, Blackrock and Vanguard (and the ‘democratic’ political parties they control) are.