Oregon public schools will be required to provide feminine products along with instructions on “how to use” those products in all K-12 bathrooms regardless of gender, in accordance with the state’s “Menstrual Dignity Act” signed into law last year.

The controversial mandate, solidified by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, was set to go into full effect during the 2022-2023 school year. A 2021 statement from Portland Public Schools detailed how the act would be implemented long-term.  

“Starting next year (2022-2023), products will be available in all restrooms (male, female and all-gender) in every PPS building where education occurs,” the statement read. 

“To ensure timely compliance, PPS ordered 500 dispensers. Dispensers have been installed in all elementary and middle school girls’ restrooms, and more will be installed in all remaining bathrooms, including boys’ restrooms, next year.

The toolkit also emphasized the need for menstrual products in all bathrooms because lack of access disproportionately impacts “students of color, students experiencing disabilities, and students experiencing poverty.”

“Importantly, [the Menstrual Dignity Act] affirms the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two spirit students by addressing the challenges that some students have managing menstruation while minimizing negative attention that could put them at risk of harm and navigating experiences of gender dysphoria during menstruation,” a segment of the introduction read.


Barb’s note:

This is total insanity. Boys don’t have menstrual cycles. Never have, never will. Kate Brown is actively destroying Oregon’s children by endorsing, supporting, and promoting mental illness starting with Kindergarten. Children raised in this type of environment don’t stand a chance.

This means our future society is doomed.


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