On Stockholm Syndrome in the Medical Community: A Conversation with Doctor Ken Rictor

Farm Wars

I was driving home from work and saw a woman walking alongside the road. She was alone, and there wasn’t anyone anywhere near her for as far as I could see, which was several blocks in all directions. Not a soul was out in that very tiny town. And she wore a Big C mask. This type of fear is mental illness nurtured by government and has nothing to do with a “virus.” If they can get people to do this, what else can they get them to do? Oh yeah, child abuse. Suffocate your 2 yr. old with a mask for the good of the whole. After all, we are all safer for it, eh? At least that’s what the Stockholm masses say as they jab poison into their masked child. Groom your child for what is to come. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Just ask Disney.


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2 Responses to “Stockholm Syndrome and COVID Hysteria”

  1. Yep. And remember to keep that blindfold on so that you don’t see what’s going on around you. Just stand in line and follow orders, just like you’ve been taught.

  2. thatsme says:

    Welcome to the Magical Kingdom of fauxiland,eh?