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One Response to “NATO or Russia – Who’s at Fault?”

  1. ICFUBAR says:

    Ukraine as an alias for Washington co0ntrolled NATO, with Washington itself controlled by a financial and corporate pyramid cap, had a peace agreement with Russia, itself controlled by a financial and corporate elite – brethren to the same pyramid cap in the west. The deal was called Minsk. The Ukraine proxy continually broke this agreement, twice invading and continually shelling and rocketing the Donbass Republics. This cost Russia. So finally the Russians have to step up and put the racial cleansing neo Nazi bully in its place. This invasion also ticks of a lot of boxes for the ‘pyramid cap’ and its very desired Great Reset. Voila the invasion of Ukraine wherein the common people do all the suffering and the ‘cap’ reaps the profits of war and histles THEIR reset along its path. So this video analysis is a 2D presentation that obfuscates what this war is about and who this war serves.