We are ruled by psychopaths who have unlimited resources. Let that sink in. They don’t care about you or your struggles and pain. They pretend that they do in order to suck you in and play until they get tired of the game. Then you are nothing but garbage to be thrown away. You do not matter to them as anything but a resource. Nothing more. BHP

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '[The State is] an institution run by gangs of murderers, plunderers and thieves, surrounded by willing executioners, propagandists, sycophants, crooks, liars, clowns, charlatans, dupes and useful idiots 一 an institution that dirties and taints everything it touches. Hans-Hermann Hoppe BASTIAT INSTITUTE'

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2 Responses to “We are Ruled by Psychopaths”

  1. Yep. And they are the ones with the most money, who control just about everything.

  2. It is unfortunate these scum will pervert any system be it religious,political,scientific power, torture is all that turns them on.