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4 Responses to “Covid Psyop Exposed”

  1. Ruth Petersen says:

    I’m curious .. who is this individual in the video? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Donna says:

    Excellent. Here’s her website:

  3. George H. says:

    The False Gods in White Coats – Are Coming through the Door – To Fill Me Up with Poison – And Drop Me to the Floor – And all the Good Doctors are Right – And Doctor Evil is Dead Wrong – But they’re Paying Him the Big Bucks – To Sing that Big Pharma Song. So JUST SAY NO – to the Covid Hoax, the endless wars, to all the MSM lies and fake news, and all the other Great Satan Proclamations. Time to Shit Can the Shit Heads, tear off that Death Mask, and Drive a Stake a through all the Vampires Black Hearts – SO DO NOT RUN – DO NOT HIDE – DO NOT COWER – WALK IN BALANCE – SPEAK THE TRUTH – SEE THE LIGHT – BREATHE IN THE FRESH AIR – LET THE SUNSHINE IN – LET LIFE RETURN !!

  4. War Is Peace Slavery Is Freedom Ignorance Is Strength Lie Is Truth.