Barb’s note: We are not in a global warming phase. That is a blatant lie. The following story by Paul Joseph Watson confirms that Al Gore’s CO2 “theory” is bunk, and right out of the horse’s mouth. But will this have an impact on Obama’s decision to sign the Copenhagen treaty or play a part in the carbon tax or cap and trade agenda? NOT! These people will continue with their world domination agenda via the global warming scam no matter what lies are revealed.

Time to stand up and be counted people! Shout this as far and wide as you can: AL GORE LIED ABOUT CO2! What else is he lying about? Well, I would say, just about everything.

Al Gore Admits CO2 Does Not Cause Majority Of Global Warming

Startling concession devastates legitimacy of carbon tax, cap and trade agenda

By Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GoreIn a new development that is potentially devastating to the agenda to introduce a global carbon tax and a cap and trade system, Al Gore admits that the majority of global warming that occurred until 2001 was not primarily caused by CO2.

Before we get too excited, Gore is not backing away from his support for the theory of man-made climate change, but his concession that carbon dioxide only accounted for 40% of warming according to new studies could seriously harm efforts to tax CO2, that evil, life-giving gas that humans exhale and plants absorb.

Gore acknowledged to Newsweek that the findings could complicate efforts to build a political consensus around the need to limit carbon emissions,  reports BB News.

Yesterday we reported on how Gore was set to become the first carbon billionaire on the back of vast profits from companies invested in the green revolution that the former vice-president has a hefty stake in.

We also highlighted how the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) has direct ties to both Al Gore and Maurice Strong, two figures intimately involved with a long standing movement to use the theory of man made global warming as a mechanism for profit and social engineering. Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offset opportunities, is the largest shareholder of CCX.

Gore stands to make windfall profits from his stake in carbon trading systems that would be used to manage the cap and trade system currently being readied for passage in the Senate, but his admission that CO2 is far less of a threat than global warming alarmists have been claiming could be a terminal blow for such a proposal.

As Andrew Bolt writes in today’s Australian Herald Sun, his flip-flopping suggests not only that was Gore wrong to claim the science was settled, but that the hugely expensive schemes to stop warming by slashing carbon dioxide emissions will be less than half as effective as claimed.

Over the years I have been among those who focused most of all on CO2, and I think that’s still justified, Gore told Newsweek . But a comprehensive plan to solve the climate crisis has to widen the focus to encompass strategies for all of the greenhouse culprits identified in the Nasa study.

Gore now blames soot and methane for the majority of global warming, leaving the door open for a tax on livestock, a tax on meat, a tax on milk, and on and on until he changes his mind again and blames another culprit so that too can be taxed.

In another indictment of Gore’s accuracy in warning about climate change, he has now virtually abandoned scientific facts in favor of characterizing his Inconvenient Truth presentation in the context of a religious sermon.

Simply laying out the facts won’t work, admits Gore.

That’s right, the church of environmentalism has come full circle with Gore’s intention to deliver his widely debunked presentation with spiritual overtones, a move that will shock most hard-headed empirical scientists.

I’ve done a Christian [-based] training program; I have a Muslim training program and a Jewish training program coming up, also a Hindu program coming up. I trained 200 Christian ministers and lay leaders here in Nashville in a version of the slide show that is filled with scriptural references. It’s probably my favorite version, but I don’t use it very often because it can come off as proselytizing, Gore tells Newsweek.

In a new book Gore has been working on, he attempts to address the rapidly growing skepticism towards global warming alarmism not with science, but by blaming people’s own thoughts, a Kafkaesque cop-out if ever there was one.

According to the book’s press release, among the most unique approaches Gore takes in the book is showing readers how our own minds can be an impediment to change.

Our own minds are the enemy! Don’t free the minds imprison them!  scoffs Tim Blair.

Link to this story provided by Amicus. Thank you!

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8 Responses to “Al Gore’s Confession: CO2 Not the Major Cause of Global Warming”

  1. This quote from Gore says it all.. “Simply laying out the facts won’t work.”

    Gore and his liberal-left buddies cannot deal with facts.

    Silent No More
    Judy Pepenella
    Conservative Society for Action

  2. Vickie says:

    U.S. Sovereignty About To Be Signed Away Through International Treaty

    This needs to be checked into. I am just passing it along.

  3. Rocky Frisco says:

    All of America’s problems can be traced to the lack of recognition of the importance of the arts in Washington, D. C. There are hundreds of lampposts there that are not decorated by a hanged politician.

  4. Esther Cook says:

    Algore’s value is so far below zero that it cannot be labelled (not even with the f-word or a whole string of cusswords) nor described.

    You see, the Globaloney lie is not merely expensive. It kills living things too, not counting the costs of less refrigeration or heating and so on. It kills wild things.

    It reduces carbon dioxide–and all higher life on Earth depends on photosynthesis from carbon dioxide.

    It will shorten your life expectancy if Algore reduces carbon dioxide. As a physiologist I inform you that your stimulus to breathe is carbon dioxide in the blood, NOT oxygen. Our present atmospheric CO2 levels are low, causing our breathing and oxygen uptake to be lower than optimum.

    It may encourage the use of nuclear fules. Like Algore, the nuke industry lies to us and to themselves. They
    pretend they release less radioactivity that they do, and sweep under the rug all the neonatal deaths and miscarriages they cause (believed to be a million American deaths so far). Sternglass also presents evidence that those who seem unharmed on the surface may be injured as well, providing evidence that radioactive element release may lower the IQ of the nation’s smartest. It cost us half of those who would have scored above 700 verbal from 1957-born Americans, an enormous cost (atomic bomb testing caused most of that loss).

    It distracts biologists from finding the real causes of ecological damages. They just blame whatever they see on the nonproblem of warming–even when temperatures are dropping.

    It may lead to crazy schemes like putting metal particles into the atmosphere to deflect sunlight. Now, that really would change the climate–and the change could not be favorable. The metals are biologically damaging in themselves, as well.

  5. Frank Henry says:


    How about we tax all the hot air that comes from all politicians.

    Tax all the hot air from all of us.

    Now the matter is ‘settled’.

    Thanks and Good Luck,
    Frank Henry
    Cottonwood, Arizona

  6. Excellent article, Paul. I just got permission to publish one of Don Easterbrooks papers on the same subject, which I will be doing today.

  7. Paul Z. says:

    Please see this important news report by the Finnish Broadcasting Co. YLE, TV1 (Nov 11th 2009), in regards to the global warming debate: