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  1. Kololia says:

    I work as an airport screener here in Hawaii. There is no social distancing at the airport, while hundreds wait in line, to show their shit passport or C19 test, that has to be on our trusted partner list and be a PCR or NAAT test. If they don’t have either, they are literally locked in there hotel room, if they are visitors for 10 days and can leave for a medical emergency. If they don’t have either, they have the option to go back to LA airport and get a test and return to Hawaii. Only a few hotels will accept qurantine quest. We have people who have last minute test results come through positive, and some have literally got back on the plane, instead of spend 10 days on qurantine and subject the entire plane passengers and crew with this deadly virus. Give me a break Stupid as it gets, if this C19 is so fkg deadly, they would have hazmat suit on them to return or check the test prior to boarding a plane, not when they arrive at their destination.

  2. Should anyone be surprised given the pseudo education we get in school. There are even idiots who want to believe the Earth is flat but the Earth would really be the lower half of a sphere with the sky above being the upper half. The people are so dumbed down that they believe if you lower the CO2 in the atmosphere you stop global warming what they will get is a larger Mars or snowball Earth. COVID-19 IS ONLY THE ANNUAL FLU nothing more.

  3. George H. says:

    Is that a little bit of a cold you’ve got there m’boy, or is it a little touch of the flu bug, or is it OMG THE COVID VARIANT? Which one is it? The Eta, Iota, Kappa, lambda, or Oh sweet Jesus, please say it isn’t dear God THE DREADED DELTA DEATH ON A PLATTER VARIANT! Please don’t let me die (99.7% survival rate) I’ll wear two masks AND a face shield, and I’ll social distance to 10 FEET, just gimme the booster shots Doc, do whatever you gotta do, to stop this worldwide pandemic/plague/black death (the average flu) Please save us Dr. Mengele (oops I mean Dr. Fauci) The World’s depending on you, and your multiple $$ “COVID” $$ patents. And thank you (Dollar) Bill Gates, and all of you Vax Heroes, you know who you are, of Big Pharma. We couldn’t have done it ☠️ without you!