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2 Responses to “Shot Day”

  1. Brad says:

    As Dr. Tenpenny once supposed, what if every time that a child is vaccinated her/his IQ drops one percent? Two percent?

  2. George H. says:

    VACCINATIONS ARE GOOD FOR YOU! Just ask Dr. Mengele (oops I mean) Dr. Fauci, and his most admiring sponsor ever Billionaire Bill “Cull the Herd” Gates, a great “Humanitarian” and a very prominent member of THE GEORGIA GUIDE STONES CULT. And together they’ve rolled out the most ambitious plan of the NWO yet, and are bringing you that brand new dance craze, called the COVID HOAX/POISON JAB/DEPOPULATION MAMBO that’s taking the world by Cytokine Storm. Yeah, baby, dig that crazy beat. It’s aka the No Heartbeat Beat, and it’s found in the best morgues everywhere. SO ROCK ON SHEEPLE :-(