Barbara H. Peterson

I see it every day. Children imitating their mask-wearing parents and other adults they come in contact with.

At first, they were afraid because they could not see facial expressions and didn’t know what was happening. Now they are used to masked faces and they want to imitate the behavior. After all, the adults are doing it.

Children are being brought up to emulate the mask wearing habits of the grownups all around them. To be submissive and wear the slave mask for their own good and the good of the whole.

They are being trained to keep away from others, hide their faces, and to be afraid. Very afraid.

Afraid of anyone but the “ones who know what’s best for them.” And so they are being conditioned to perform on command. To jail themselves in a construct of their own minds. The perfect control mechanism.

A generation that enslaves itself willingly. And will do exactly what it is told without question. Brought to you by the NWO controllers.

Barbara H. Peterson

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