Barb’s note: States are getting ready for the mandatory vaccination stage of the eugenics program, and Pennsylvania is right on schedule with Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the “Emergency Health Powers Act.”

To read the entire bill go here:

Pennsylvania House Bill 492

PennsylvaniaSource: Swine Flu Shot Safety Program

State governments continue promoting emergency powers legislation, even while insisting these unconstitutional powers will never be used. Here are a few excerpts from Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the “Emergency Health Powers Act” [PDF]:

Section 2523-D. Effect of declaration.
(b) Emergency powers of Governor.–During a state of public
health emergency, the Governor may:
(4) Mobilize all or any part of the Pennsylvania
National Guard into service of the Commonwealth. An order
directing the Pennsylvania National Guard to report for
active duty shall state the purpose for which it is mobilized
and the objectives to be accomplished.

Section 2532-D. Access to and control of facilities and

The public health authority may exercise, for such period as
the state of public health emergency exists, the following
powers concerning facilities, materials, roads or public areas:
(3) To control, restrict and regulate by rationing and
using quotas, prohibitions on shipments, price fixing,
allocation or other means, the use, sale, dispensing,
distribution or transportation of food, fuel, clothing and
other commodities, alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives
and combustibles, as may be reasonable and necessary for
emergency response.
(5) To control ingress and egress to and from any
stricken or threatened public area, the movement of persons
within the area and the occupancy of premises therein, if
such action is reasonable and necessary for emergency

Section 2542-D. Mandatory medical examinations.
(a) Powers of public health authority.–The public health
authority may exercise, for such period as the state of public
health emergency exists, the following emergency powers over
(1) To compel a person to submit to a physical
examination or testing, or both, as necessary to diagnose or
treat the person subject to the following:
(i) The medical examination or testing may be
performed by any qualified person authorized by the
public health authority.
(ii) The medical examination or testing may not be
reasonably likely to result in serious harm to the
affected individual.
(iii) The medical examination or testing shall be
performed immediately upon the order of the public health
authority without resort to judicial or quasi-judicial
(iv) If the public health authority is uncertain
whether a person who refuses to undergo medical
examination or testing may have been exposed to an
infectious disease or otherwise poses a danger to public
health, the public health authority may subject the
individual to isolation or quarantine as provided in this
(2) To require any physician or other health care
provider to perform the medical examination or testing, or
(b) Enforcement.–An order of the public health authority
given to effectuate the purposes of this section shall be
immediately enforceable by any law enforcement officer.
(c) Penalty.–A person who refuses to submit or perform a
medical examination or test under this section commits a
misdemeanor of the third degree.

Section 2544-D. Vaccination and treatment.
(a) Powers of public health authority.–The public health
authority may, for such period as the state of public health
emergency exists, compel a person to be vaccinated or treated,
or both, for an infectious disease subject to the following
(1) Vaccination may be performed by any qualified person
authorized by the public health authority.
(2) A vaccine may not be given if the public health
authority has reason to know that a particular individual is
likely to suffer serious harm from the vaccination.
(3) Treatment may be performed by any qualified person
authorized by the public health authority.
(4) Treatment must not be such as is reasonably likely
to lead to serious harm to the affected individual.
(b) Refusal.–If, by reason of refusal of vaccination or
treatment, the person poses a danger to the public health, the
person may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to the provisions
of this article.
(c) Enforcement.–An order of the public health authority
given to effectuate the purposes of this section shall be
immediately enforceable by any peace officer.
(d) Penalty.–A person who fails to comply with this section
commits a misdemeanor of the third degree.

Section 2572-D. Enforcement.
(a) General rule.–The public health authority shall have
the power to enforce the provisions of this article through the
imposition of fines and penalties, the issuance of orders and
such other remedies as are provided by law.

Section 2574-D. Liability.
(a) State immunity.–Neither the Commonwealth, its political
subdivisions, nor, except in cases of gross negligence or
willful misconduct, the Governor, the public health authority or
any other State official referenced in this article shall be
liable for the death of or any injury to persons or damage to
property as a result of complying with or attempting to comply
with this article or any rule or regulations promulgated
pursuant to this article.
(b) Private liability.–
(3) During a state of public health emergency, no
private person, firm or corporation and employees and agents
of such person, firm or corporation who renders assistance or
advice at the request of the Commonwealth or its political
subdivisions under the provisions of this article shall be
civilly liable for causing the death of or injury to any
person or damage to any property except in the event of gross
negligence or willful misconduct.

For our purposes here, the most important clause in this Act is as follows:

A vaccine may not be given if the public health
authority has reason to know that a particular individual is
likely to suffer serious harm from the vaccination.

Unfortunately, the CDC has already declared–contrary to evidence from 1976 onwards–that individuals are unlikely to suffer serious harm from vaccination!

And if you do suffer harm–as thousands of others have over the years–the state and its contractors accept no responsibility.

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32 Responses to “Pennsylvania Drafts 2009 Mandatory Vaccination Law”

  1. here trying to kill us anyway .they can!

  2. kelly z says:

    Yes i totally agree with the rest of you!!! But if the people don’t start paying attention and stand up to the government, they will do what they want!!!I agree with Novacs78, I watched a video online of casket liners, approx. 500,000 of them in Georgia last year! And what the hell are these for!!! Does the government think we are all totally blind to what is going on. Just like the FDA approving all these drugs without proper testing(population control at it’s worst)!!!!!And all of the perservatives in our food, hair care, soap and every product except organic ones. And overuse of pesticides in the 60’s and 70’s, how many of us have sickness due to that DDT. I used to play outside and run through the stuff as a kid when the planes went over, I thought it was fun!!! We were told, it won’t hurt you!!! Or government is just as bad as the terroists!!!! I am a nurse and I don’t believe in medicine, because most of it harms you or causes worse problems than you probably already have!!!!My family and I will NEVER OBEY the vaccination laws!!!! NEVER!!!!

  3. Peter Sysko says:

    I wrote a letter to my PA house representative:
    “Please do not sign this bill! Protest its constitutionality, and, advocate for citizens to be able
    to take their own own risks. This bill does not protect anyone, but it allows FEMA and the govenrment
    to ruin peoples lives, kill them, burn their bodies, all in the name of a “health emergency” which
    an governor can declare without any due process proof of procedure. Gov. Casey could just
    sign one document saying that there is a bioterrorism threat and a state of emergency,
    and then cops and the national gaurd and FEMA can basically just quarantine everyone who
    does not feel really threatened. This bill is fascist, and give way too much power to government.
    Vaccines dont exist for bioterroristic weapons, unless the pharmaceutical companies have prior knowledge
    of the bioterror weapon being used in a bioterror attack.

    If this Bill passes, I’m fleeing the country. Many more people will too.
    That is how serious I stand on this issue, and others like me are in a similar state of readiness.

    Its pretty sad that the American Government doesn’t trust its own people to take care of thmelselves.
    Health concerns are really not a matter of government responsibility. They should be up to the indivdual.
    If you don’t want to get a vaccine, suffer the consequences, undergo the risks, and if you die, its your fault.
    But if we can’t even choose whether we want to take these risks, and the government is making these decisions for us,
    Hitler is back and we will have another mass genocide, holocaust. I’m not going to be here for that.
    If this bill passes, i’m on the next plane to Peru. For good. See ya. VOTE NO on 492.

    Thank you for your time.


    Peter Sysko”

    A few days later, i receive a package from PA congress, with the entire bill printed, my representatives, business card, and with my letter printed. He commented that I “make an interesting point about repsonsibility” and he removed himself as a co-sponsor of the bill.(!) A small victory for us, maybe, but whether this makes a dent in the overall congressional opinion, who knows until its decided. I strongly urge everyone to write to their congressmen and congresswomen, because i have a witnessed a taste of government in action here; me must take a stand!

  4. h1n1 scam says:

    we will resist


    Wow! Talk about a socialist state, and I thought I only had to worry about Obama.

  6. jesse says:

    ill never allow me or the one i love to be forsed in to doing some thing it will be hell for them if thay try and if it dos pas and it start ill be one of the frst to staned up and fite back i will not los my freedom if i got to lay my life down to prove it

  7. No Body says:

    Why can the average American citizen not see what is going on? This business did not just begin during Bush’s administration and now into Obama’s. For thirty years now the fed has been outsourcing our jobs and corporations have been forcing people to work for less and less in return for their effort. Their justifacation for this action is that business cannot compete in the world market while paying American wages and benefits. The fact is that Amerfica cannot survive without a production base, and neither can any nation. THE PRODUCTION BASE WILL HAVE TO COME BACK!! When one looks at the nations who are receiving US businesses, with proper research one descovers that each and every one has a system of forced labor. So therefore, the conclusion is that a system of forced labor is coming to the US. That possibility grows even more when one conciders that the US is 9 trillion dollars in debt to the Chinese. They want their money back plus interest. Our own government will get it back for them…no matter what they must do. Now does it shock you that forced immunizatins/death shots and concentration camps are soon to be upon all citizens of the US? It should’t, and it is coming soon!!Guess what, people who cannot pay their debts and are in forclosure on their homes will be the first ones to man the coming slave camps!!!

  8. PA Patriot 911 says:

    They’re not paying attantion to exercise of the first amendment, so which one follows?

  9. It’s sure good to find a group that actually believes in doing something about a situation insted of getting nothing but a bunch rhetoric frome a bunch of pinko lib. Obamanure sheep. Keep up the good work.

  10. Our research team is recruiting college students and retired cops and nurses to blog and research the possible criminal charges against these glorified drug pushers; under RICO, or racketeering and corruption laws, which were used against the heads of organized crime; can now be used to prosecute anyone who administers these toxins, after there has been sufficient time to warn them to cease and desist. The conspiracy laws allow prosecutors to go after the property of those who enter into this blood oath…where is the outrage from Muslims and Jews and those Christians who consider pork to be UN clean? Put the demons back into the swine and let nature take its course!
    vinbeazel ApprenticeTeacher

  11. Did anyone see the lady on FOX news that at one time was a great athleatic runner. She took the vacine and now gan barely walk and has sevier nurological problems to the point she can’t even talk. The Drs. are trying to say her problems are psycosematic.

  12. This story about PA penn state enacting laws to vaccinate needs to be heard in PA and take this fight to the school kids via radio blogs.

    We have created more than a dozen networks at BlogTalkRadio over the summer and we can easily create hundreds more by coaching every group that wants to start a podcast every week to replicate their efforts in training young people to use radio to create a virus…look for for us on Facebook:
    vinbeazel or apprenticeteacher.

  13. The comment from Ind emphasizes my point in this article:

    Officials Say Don’t Blame the Swine Flu Shot, You’ll Drop Dead Anyway

    The brainwashed sheeple will be lining up in droves. Ind – TURN THE TV OFF and start doing some research!

  14. Phil Redmont says:

    Question: why are simliar bills being presented all over the country? Check out Mass pandemic 2028? Fla same. What is really going on here?

  15. Ind says:

    Cool! I hope it helps to curb any sickness in the state. Only time will tell.

  16. Tomsk says:


  17. new world order are slime says:

    i am in pa and getting over the swine flu and also my 4 month old baby girl ,i treated us with herbs and spices,vitamins ,grape fruit seed extract,we are fine!the flu drags on but we are fine ,i got small doses into the baby right from the start !this vaccine can be worse then the flu dont get it,you cannot trust the government,the corporations at all !the government are for the bankers and corporations and not the people but that will soon change!and also them chemtrails that cover the sky most of the time are toxic,these depopulation criminals will not stay above the law much longer you will see them start to fall and america will become free .

  18. Check this with your Dr. but I believe I am right. Since H1N1 vacciens are made the same as the normal flue shots they have an EGG WHITE cattalist. The first question a Dr. will ask is if you are alergic to eggs. If you say you are he will not give you a flue shot. This alergy has a sevier reaction.

  19. S. Maples says:

    I called and mailed Sen. Piccola, Rep. Payne, and alerted the office of Rep. Buxton about this. Whether they will get the message is anyone’s guess; however, there ain’t no way that I’m taking this. PERIOD.

  20. sbcruiser says:


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  22. HammerDown says:

    ANYONE attempting to force anything up my nose or into my body, or do the same to any of our family, friends, or allies, will find themselves in receipt of copper-coated lead suppositories, administered by us on them.

    We don’t care what such genocidal maniacs might wear on their shirts, or who signs their paychecks. We will resist any attempt at forced examinations, vaccinations, or “quarantine” to the fullest extent and the range of our irons. We are not alone in this view, either.

    “Quarantine” is the current spin word for “Martial Law”. Just try and do that. See what happens. Forcing it down our throats is definitely guaranteed to come at a higher cost than that of leaving us alone.


  23. They’ll use any imaginary threat they can drum up to facilitate their power grabs.

  24. This is BS! I will not comply and people need and have the right to know. If this bill gets passed, we loose all freedom.

  25. Demon Theif says:

    Wow that is really bad. I recently lived in PA all my life but i just moved to VA. Im telling all my friends not to take the (dying flu shot) blasphemus vaccines.

  26. john edwards says:

    If u give me a shot i will give you a shot……………then neither will be very happy…….Quo Warranto……..Who in the Hell do you Clowns think u are…..the people realize the Shot is nothing but population control creating a perpetual class of sick that need the drugs from the very monsters that created the Shot and you paid whores in the Legislature just go along to get along…….America is awakening and as the Kids say “payback is a bitch” This is from a 58 year old business man that has never been arrested and worked his butt off for the last 40 plus years!

  27. Thomas WilliamUllom S. C.P. says:

    Well they can take their VAX. and stick it up where the sun doesn’t shine. the govt. is taking to much authority it dosen’t need, or have!!!!!!!

  28. Steven Otero says:

    Will you refuse a ‘mandatory vaccination’ by any means necessary? We will!

    Go take the poll!

  29. spectre says:

    I agree mel, Ill take their shot if they take mine.

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  31. mel says:


  32. Bill says:

    I contacted numerous state legislators, including the majority and minority chairmen, the original sponsor of the bill, and my own state rep and senator. Almost all of them reacted the same way: surprised that I actually read and understood the entire bill, surprised that I cared, and all of them pretty much said that since it’s been in committee since February, it probably wouldn’t be passed. I explained that I thought that a mild twitch of panic would result in this bill being passed before anyone knew it, and most of them agreed with me. Other than my own rep, I talked with staffers at every office. All were very friendly, which kind of made me think that they were just agreeing to get me off the phone, but it’s not a definite. We certainly need to let them know this is a bill that we will not comply with, period.