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Entire crew was vaccinated with H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine shortly after they put to sea. Crew sickened so severely that other ships had to respond to render aid.


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6 Responses to “Navy Ships breaking out with Swine Flu after H1N1 vaccinations – Five turning back from mission”

  1. Connie says:

    Isn’t there a way to test if these stories are true? If they were innoculated you would think that something would leak out so we could know what is going on…….

  2. Connie says:

    You need a facebook link to your website…..want to let the facebook World see this but don’t see a FB logo anywhere to link to?

    God have mercy on the United States…..please Lord rise up and expose and hinder the work of the enemy contaminating our food and way of life. In Jesus Name…Amen

  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Could it be anything but a hoax? The claim is that the ship’s crew was inoculated in April. Maybe May.

    The vaccine wasn’t near ready at that time. There couldn’t have been enough to vaccinate an entire crew.

    “Unnnamed ship?” That’s a hoax marker.

    I’ll wager it’s hoax from stem to stern.

  4. Sherry says:

    THIS STORY IS A HOAX. Read the article from the couple who
    has the health web site here Health Solutions? whatever say so in
    their letter I got today but I deleted it

  5. It is the vaccine that is the real danger. When a person receives a shot with the genetically engineered H1N1 live virus, that virus recombines in the host and sheds this newly recombined virus for around 21 days after inoculation. Persons who come in contact with the newly inoculated are subjected not to the original virus, but the newly recombined one thanks to genetic engineering. The new virus is potentially more lethal than the live vaccine virus. This is the way to spread a lethal strain of flu to whatever segment of the population you are aiming to destroy. Create a virus via genetic engineering, inject as many as you can with it, and let nature do the rest.