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Farm Wars

There was a moment, in the TV series, Shark, with James Woods, when his character walked into a room of his associate attorneys, and he said, “The truth is relative. Pick one that works.” That was a wake up call. Because it expressed a truth we’d been living since the evolution of Bernays’ work evolved from selling soap to government distractions.

The deeper we get into this government reset, driven by China, and Soros, and accomplished through manipulation of the masses starving for something to be passionate about, the more obvious it becomes that the Truth has become a casualty of expedience.

For decades, we suspended all good sense, ethics, our passions, even values and some laws in the name of making a buck. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a good capitalist, and a thriving economy is a good thing. A very good thing. But, at the loss of who we are? Not so much. I have friends across the pond, who live a very different life. They work, and enjoy their fruits, but they also value time used to enjoy them, along with family, friends, a scenic view, and a glass of wine, or the moment to enjoy the smell a good cup of coffee. We look at them as slackers, as we go-go-go for work, earning a living, having things, and getting a $5 cup o joe in the drive thru, but somehow missing that aroma, by not sitting down with the newspaper, or a good conversation, before stepping into the fray. It’s a criminal loss of life to not take the moment to savor it.

I just got into a pissing match with a guy in a high end audio group, who was decrying an audio advertisement for the use of a pretty girl dancing to the music of a high end system. He called us all dinosaurs. I pointed out that if we’re all to be extinct, why would we not wish to enjoy a good tune and a pretty girl along the way. In this faux silver plated, digital, compact, living-through-an-iPhone existence, a little passion is a good thing. And, taking a moment to appreciate the image of a pretty girl expressing her passions, in a room full of high end gear, is no different than taking that moment of sitting on a porch overlooking the Amalfi coast with a fresh cup of coffee.

If you’re not living, what’s the point? And, that may be the one of the two truths that we’ve lost sight of, in our rush to begin rushing: That to live without enjoyment, simple as it may be, is the closest thing to hell we’re going to experience, here, on Earth. And, that to experience enjoyment, you really do have to be truthful to who and what you are. And, that truth extends to the body of humanity, regardless of where they may be.

To live the way we live, in this country, especially, today, is to live in a state of packing lies upon lies to justify being, and staying, this unhappy. And, when the lies are exposed, even trivial ones, explosions of horror result. If we look closely at what led up to it, we see that the execution of LaVoy Finicum was no more than the silencing of a man who’d chosen to expose a single layer of the lies he was living under. Silenced by the very government he helped put into office based on the lies governments have been telling since Bernays made lying a science morphed into an art form.

Can you blame people for being offended at the disrespect shown by someone who tells the truth, in a culture based on lies?

D Peter Maus

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3 Responses to “Truth – A Casualty of Expedience”

  1. George H. says:

    THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE AREN’T THINGS or the accumulation of more tchotchkes, or the compulsive acquisition of the latest high priced techno-gadgetry, designed to connect you to the IOT (and hence to Big Brother) but rather family, friends, relationships -coming together and enjoying ourselves around the coffee table, not social distancing ourselves in a sort of grim misanthropic danse macabre, but sharing laughter, and friendly badinage, not scowls and fake news discord, seeing each other’s smiles, not each other’s foreboding face masks, speaking our hearts, not echo chamber talking points. It’s time to say “enough is enough” to this fiendish globalist torment, and not permit ourselves to be conscripted into the NWOs ZOMBIE ARMY. Just say no, and always remember “Vox populi vox deus” The Voice of the People is the Voice of God. And then, if the Globalist Pigs still don’t get it, then it may be time for PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION.

  2. Mike Rambow says:

    So few can think for themselves, the rest are mindless followers. (IMO) Great post, short and sweet. Thanks Barb/Farm Wars!