Farm Wars

Yes, we are in a state of war. This is a war against the people via intentionally orchestrated chaos directed at implementing the Great Reset using non-linear warfare to control the minds of the people.

I’ve downloaded the original document and uploaded it in order to share here.

Barbara H. Peterson 2021


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2 Responses to “Orchestrated Chaos to Control the People”

  1. Brad says:

    What can one say other than the theater that is being perpetrated has engulfed the minds of most who fail to see that it is all a stage show meant to manipulate the audience into choosing which actor to emotionally shackle themselves to. This, each believing that they alone have the truth of matters, of understanding of what the play’s scripting is really portraying. Not much has changed for decades except now the ‘show’ has taken on a non linear form to further confuse the audience….

  2. Yes, it is a war to create a Prison Planet administered by willing slaves tending the livestock-the beast of burden us.