Catherine Austin Fitts puts the whole agenda together brilliantly. A must see.

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2 Responses to “Planet Lockdown”

  1. Brad says:

    Yes brilliant analysis with many but not all of the puzzle pieces.Allison McDowell has most of the remaining pieces charted with her very deep understanding and analysis of ‘stakeholder capitalism’ and how that system will seek to operate under the WEF’s “you will own nothing and be happy.” systematics which ties in with Fitt’s work. These two women should be collaborating as they could publish an almost complete run down of where the world is being taken by the metaphysical mistakes that are seeking total control of the planet. – McDowell interview

    Pam Popper is another woman doing good works with her legal suit to make the supposed authorities justify their emergency health call and subsequent CV 19 policies aimed at ushering in a One World Order. Her interview can be found at thee Planet Lockdown doc web site.

  2. Think of a high tech Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers or the Borg we are to be assimilated to the collective resistance is futile. Unfortunately the so-called controllers will be ironically the most enslaved in the system.