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Let’s see…. shall we connect some dots?

1. People start getting a clue regarding the fact that the COVID-19 scam is all one big hoax and cloth masks are NOT the supposed answer because of the fact that they CANNOT stop a “virus,” which can easily go right through the mask, and  people wearing them are getting sick BECAUSE of the masks.

2. CDC steps up the game by declaring that the “virus” is now airborne, so evidently the reason the masks don’t work is because of this.

3. And the sheeple say “Baaaaahhhhh!!! Yes, Massah! What shall we do now?”

4. CDC says to keep wearing masks because they help somewhat. In other words, they are better than nothing. So keep social distancing, and try to stay away from people even more because the threat is even more deadly than we thought.

5. And the sheeple cower in fear and submit to even more ridiculous “safety” measures.

Sound about right?

Synopsis of CDC update, published Wed, Oct 7 2020:

COVID-19 can be spread through aerosols (airborne particles), which can linger in the air for minutes to hours and travel farther than six feet.

Cloth face masks don’t provide enough protection to filter out airborne or aerosolized particles, but offer some protection against larger droplets.

Wear the mask anyway, filter the air, still practice 6 ft. or more social distancing, and move activities involving other people outdoors for ventilation, but you will probably get it anyway.

Airborne transmission happens by inhalation of virus that’s in the air,” said Linsey Marr, a professor of engineering at Virginia Tech and an expert in aerosol science. “And this is happening even more frequently when people are close to each other.”

So how does this affect how we should protect ourselves in practical terms? Marr and other experts said people should be wearing a mask whenever they are indoors with people outside of their household pod – even if they are standing more than 6 feet apart, or even in a situation where a plexiglass barrier is in place. Marr said masks are also a good idea outdoors if you are going to be in prolonged contact with people not in your household, even if you are more than 6 feet apart. “It’s a grayish area where I think adopting the precautionary principle is best,” Marr said.

It also means that “ventilation really is just so important,” said Kimberly Prather, an atmospheric chemist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and lead author of the Science letter. She recommends opening doors and windows, moving gatherings outdoors whenever possible, and the use of standalone air filters in rooms. (Prather, Marr and other scientists offer more tips in this FAQ on improving ventilation.) (LINK)


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4 Responses to “Connecting the COVID-19 Fear Campaign Dots”

  1. George H. says:

    POWER MAD WARMONGERS, FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE PSYCHOPATHS, AND ALL THE OTHER RAPACIOUS APOSTLES OF GREED are the connected dots here, that slither through our world, the dots that blight our co-opted world today, from stem to stern, from horizon to CHEMTRAIL horizon. We are horribly cursed with these malignant enemies of humanity, and “our” Congress, and the kleptocracy’s controlled and horribly corrupted MSM, and the ghouls of Big Pharma, are all in complete lockstep with this ODIOUS AND VILE KAKISTOCRACY. But meanwhile in Russia (former Soviet Dictatorship) approximately 70% of its citizens will NOT take the COVID VACCINE “CURE” if this miracle jab should ever manifest itself, whereas in America, the Land of the Unfree and the Home of the Slave, the figures are just the exact opposite, where 70% of the sheeple will willingly take this untested and undoubtedly dangerous jab. Oops WTF, we’ll I guess that HL MENCKEN was absolutely correct after all, when he surmised: The vast majority of Americans are MORONS. Or as Edward R. Murrow, famously stated in 1954: A Nation of Sheep will beget a Govt of Wolves. How true, and how f-ing pathetic is that. Well, they were both right, and America is on the ropes right now, in the last round of the last fight, and here it comes folks, the left hook, then the fierce (Covid) jab, followed by the ferocious roundhouse knockout punch, that put America down for the count, down and out, but hey, not to worry, because it filled the obscene and overflowing coffers of the NWO Elite. So, in closing I’ll let Terry Malloy (Brando) render the mournful verdict and deliver our sad eulogy I COULDA BEEN SOMEBODY, I COULDA BEEN A CONTENDER, BUT NOW IT’S JUST A ONE WAY TICKET TO PALOOKAVILLE – Yep, it’s just about all over for us now folks RIP AMERICA :-(


  2. Brad says:

    Better yet to my above comment is the video that goes with the linked article

  3. Speaking of dots, we might acknowledge here the yeoman’s work of Jon Rappoport who, after more than 100 COVID-relevant essays|rants|articles|posts, noted that the CDC admits nobody — certainly no one in the CDC or any of the US Level 4 “biosafety” [read: bioweaponry] laboratories, presumably — has isolated and positively identified “the virus”.

    Perhaps THEY prefer to rely on the immortal, scientistic pronouncement of one Donald Rumsfeld, “The absence of evidence does not necessarily mean the evidence of absence.”

    I suspect we have NO independent laboratory capable of detecting, identifying, and quantitating “the virus”. No wonder THEY are winning.