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3 Responses to “Vaccines and the Effects of Aluminum in the Brain”

  1. Gates and company wet dream a planetary Planet Of The Apes meets The Sound Of His Horn.

  2. George H. says:

    WE MAKE BILLIONS BY KILLING MILLIONS. It’s no longer enough to merely have a population that’s drugged up, and dumbed down, no, no, no, that won’t do at all, because Bill “The Magic Number is a Billion” Gates, wants earth’s population to be only one billion people, so these vaccine crippled people will die off faster, and the horribly vaccine damaged children of course will never themselves be able to have children so he’s effectively sterilized a large portion of the upcoming generation in his ongoing VACCINATE AND OBLITERATE GREAT CULLING OPERATION, which should make his daddy Bill Gates Sr. a founding member of Planned Parenthood and a rabid eugenicists, rightly proud, so much so that Bill Gates has grabbed his father’s baton, and ran with it, and with his massive wealth, unparalleled political influence and Big Pharma ties, has partnered with powerful UN groups like WHO and UNICEF, and has tremendously upped the ante, on his war against “reckless breeders” as he likes to call most of humanity, as he inexorably expands his eugenicist empire to rigorously “improve the human race” and with unfettered access to abortion and with a vastly expanding, and soon to be (he hopes) mandatory vaccination program, Bill must be grinning ear to ear, as everything comes together, and all of his bought and paid for bootlickers in the horribly corrupted MSM, and all his well greased minions (Fauci et al) bring his all encompassing, glorious, eugenicist dream (nightmare) to fruition, as we welcome in, no, not the greatly hoped for Dawning of the Age of Aquarius (but kicked in the head and screaming) Bill Gates’s very own, bright and shiny new creation instead THE BRAVE NEW WORLD ☠️

  3. Paul Fassa says:

    How about a little background on the person testifying and the location of the committee commentaries. Dynamite – just a little background, please. No mysteries.