Barbara H. Peterson

Well isn’t this just special. Those of us who have followed the COVID agenda and have studied enough to be able to see through the hype have been warning people incessantly about the lies, and are no longer the “conspiracy theorists.” We are, in fact, the ones standing on the mountain-tops broadcasting the truth to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Watch the following video regarding the COVID manipulated statistics, which the CDC just admitted to, and decide if the oppressive lockdowns and mandates put in place by your Governor are, or ever have been, indeed, warranted.


So, if you continue to follow along and do the COVID Hustle like the “authorities” want you to, just remember, THEY LIE and will continue to do so IN YOUR FACE without so much as a wink or a nod, and will subjugate you and suppress you with those lies just as long as you allow them to.


Please make the right one. Stand for the truth and not the lies. And the truth is, we’ve been conned. We continue to be conned every time we comply and put on a mask, allowing those who would be king to profit off of our fear and keep We the People under the thumb of tyranny.


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