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5 Responses to “We Are At War”

  1. George H. says:

    FALSE FLAGS R US. All the other Oligarchical false flags, from the JFK assassination, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, to the 911 Inside Job, seemed to have worked out very well, and paid handsome dividends for all of their perpetrators, so these same wretched, satanic beasts, have great hopes and expectations that their Covid 19 hoax will also be pulled off as seamlessly. And with the entire bought and paid for (presstitutes) MSM onboard, then surely the armies of sheeple, will soon fall in lockstep, and unquestionably OBEY their master’s commands. And if not, why then, other measures can be applied, running the gamut, from social shaming, all the way up to ultimately instituting a Chinese like Social Credit System, and then in extremis if that fails, then mandatory vaccinations, FEMA re-education camps, or a one way ticket to the Soylent Green Factory. And at that point, all bets are off, then it’s TIME FOR THE REVOLUTION!

  2. Brad says:

    A living breathing person cannot but feel the anti-human thrust behind the decrees of govt. and health officials, that are a blinded to the truth of these matters, as much as the folks who follow their decrees. All are captured through their indoctrination to the programming they have taken on and neither question nor investigate the propaganda fed to them. They are good little citizens going from the stimulus to reaction with no intervening idea of using logic to ascertain whether or not the information given them is in whole a pack of lies sold to them as the truth or a smidgeon of truth sold as a pack of lies. There is no convincing them. They could excuse away having their children removed on some such grounds and deny anything was wrong up unto their own summary execution as superfluous to the Technocrats desires. At least those of us reading here can hold our heads up as a group valuing human dignity and freedom. It all seems very Satanic and I’m no strong religious adherent.

  3. Wayne says:

    Can you imagine a health threat so serious, so contagious, so lethal, that you’d actually have to be tested to realize that you even have it?
    Bill Gates can………. and ……… did.
    For evil to flourish, good men need only to stand by and do nothing, and “useful idiots” to do as they are told.

  4. Susan says:

    Yay…… we do not consent, I do not mask up as they say…… I need oxygen my God given right….. yes we are at war and up to us to wake the sheep up asap!!!! So far I have not succeeded but I do not give up!!!! And I hate going into stores but I do (mask free) because this is important to make people see my face……. stressful though! I do have a medical issue and let the stores know, some turn me away even though I have grounds to sue I have not! Anyway this is unbelieveable still to me to see so many clueless masked up zombies…… makes me shake my head!!!!

  5. AMEN! Sister Barbara. Seems late indeed for us to realize, both intuitively and viscerally, that wee engage a long-running war against hue-mankind (all peoples, all colors). People in Armenia, Russia, China, Cambodia, Germany, and African nations have suffered systematic, brutal destruction of their families, culture, and the entirety of their ways of life.

    It would seem that Americans now have their turn. Perhaps we can some solace for the length of time it took Power$ That Be to “soften us up”. Kultural Marxi$m ate away at religious, psychological, social, and other sustaining structures. The high arts and morality itself became hollow, valueless.

    First they came for….