Dr Carrie Madej’s Warning on 2020 Covid Vaccine from Farm Wars on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to “New Genetically Engineered Covid Vaccine FACTS”

  1. Exactly, George. A shared delusion.

  2. George H. says:

    People want drama in their quotidian lives, no longer content to be merely average folks going about their humdrum lives during the regular flu season, nosiree Bob, now they’re warriors MASKED AVENGERS FIGHTING THE DEADLY WORLDWIDE PLAGUE ☠️ and to show their newfound special warrior status, and to virtue signal to all their neighbors (aka morons) they don their warrior masks, in fervent solidarity with all their fellow warriors, and thrust their clenched fists skyward, loudly proclaiming IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH – BILL GATES IS GOD – THANK YOU BIG BROTHER!

  3. State Alchemist welcome to the real world of Fullmetal Alchemist prepare to become a homunculus resistance is futile.

  4. Under the heading “The Heinous Plan to Destroy America”, Jon Rappoport recently wrote in a post entitled “Dispatches from the war: Mr. Trump, you’re not Tom Paine” that “The nation is being driven off a cliff into chaos. That is the heinous plan. COVID is a pumped up lie and a gross exaggeration, formulated to enable the plan.”

    In a stirring essay on “Thomas Jefferson”, a slave owner, Miles Mathis wrote the following about COVID: “The current test, with Covid, is precisely that test. It is a psychological test of our current slave mentality. Creating a maximally productive slave is a tricky thing. To start with, we the people have to believe we are not slaves. We have to believe that “all men are created equal”, which is why Jefferson put that in his document—though he obviously didn’t believe it. We have to believe that we will share in the fruits of society, both financially and spiritually. Hence, the “Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness” clause. Productive slaves have to be convinced they are happy, which is why the media used to spend so much time driving that home. This was the main line of propaganda until recently. Think of the 1950s, when the manufactured satisfaction of the middle class was job one. Almost all entertainment was geared toward a chirpy idyll of the Mayberry sort, or later of the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie sort.”

    Both “takes” on COVID admit of the LIKELY ROLE of a VACCINE — one scary enough to induce further chaos OR which may simply give an even more stringent test of our slave mentality. “We the people” have not seemed to fare well on such tests to date!

    Both essays worth a read, in my view.