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3 Responses to “Contact Tracing – What You Need to Know”

  1. Bitchute

    This is not me. It is someone who went through the training to see what was going on.

  2. Michelle says:

    Great video Barbara, but why isn’t there a YT link so I can pass it around?

    It made me sick to my stomach.

    It was really hard for me to tell if you even understand that this is ALL a scam. It sounded like you actually believe that people are giving this to other people.

    There is no such thing as viruses & I will be uploading something to my channel in the next few days.

    It’s a lie even I believed until this scamdemic started. I heard it at the beginning, the video stating that was of course taken down by Nazi YT, then someone finally posted a podcast with the 2 authors that did 10 years of research that proves it.

    And I’ve come to the realization (it just dawned on me) that the reason people are getting sick is because they are making themselves sick.

    They keep believing the criminals in gov’t & the MSM, so they are giving themselves the symptoms that they said everyone has.

    That’s the only logical explanation, because every doctor (the odd one will be honest) will tell you that you have CV even if you don’t. They need it for their numbers to prove to the sheeples that this is real, plus as I’m sure you already know, they get paid BIG bucks for lying & saying someone has CV or putting them on a vent so they kill them & they can put it on the death certificate.

    Even if we had viruses, you can NOT get a virus from someone else. It’s impossible.

    Whatever this is that they put out into the air was man-made AND made by the US & the evils who control our world.

    I have been telling people from the beginning that this is the start of a holocaust & no one wanted me to use that word.


  3. George H. says:

    This is an extraordinarily depressing new development, that is insanely (intentionally) morphing into a TOTAL LOCKDOWN OF AMERICA, A VERITABLE BLACK IRON PRISON, from which there is no escape. This is an evil so profound, so audacious, that it staggers the imagination. This is not about the health of the nation, rather, this is about the death of the nation, and the absolute destruction of a Constitutional Republic, and of its We the People, to be replaced by A VILE FASCIST DICTATORSHIP of We the Slaves. This is a latter day MANHATTAN PROJECT/PLANDEMIC that will destroy what little is left of a free country, and turn us into a nation of microchipped slaves, fearful and crushed, in body, mind, and spirit. This evil must be stopped dead in it’s tracks, or we will be found (the Great Culling) dead in our tracks. This weaponized virus is the linchpin of the Oligarch’s plan for world domination. And the little Nazi “Contact Tracers” are the dupes, and useful idiots, that will help facilitate this coming horror. So instead of waiting for the Oligarchs to roll out their mandatory vaccinations and Mark of the Beast invisible tattoo, how about we just roll out the Guillotines, and stop these Evil, Eugenicist, Oligarchs DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS INSTEAD!