Del Bigtree Nails It!

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  1. Bc says:

    We all know for some time we have been unwitting test subjects for a number of years. The vaccination rates have soared for children, and electronic medical records are now able to track everyone and what type of vaccines they got, when and where. Certain vaccines would be easy to give to separate populations ie. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Christians, etc. They have already stated aborted fetal cells will be used in the virus vaccine. Hence the payoffs to Planned Parenthood from Gates. Large enough supply of baby cells for this massive scale. Deep state got 2nd feminist movement going in order to help push legalizing live baby abortions.

    What if the DNA/RNA being injected from one aborted baby into another live human via vaccine with the metals involved (chemtrails included) can be turned against the ‘host’ through the use of a 5G frequency? ‘The kill switch’. The Cern machine? Hence the covert push going on now to get 5G installed in the US, knowing the damage it will do to organic life. Massive Population control quickly, or in controlled areas as they know why vaccines were administered to what population groups and where.

    The ‘wave’ coming (when 5G is ready) will kill substantial numbers. People will then beg for the vaccine which will then kill millions.
    Those large underground bunkers will not carry the frequencies to kill. Gates just bought a 600 million dollar boat, free of 5G frequencies on the ocean? How many elites own ‘large ships’? Underground bunkers? Reports of 4 new massive underground ‘labs’ , one is 480,000 thousand square feet (10 acres)! Reports of see underground Lighted growing gardens below the surface!
    Something is planned!