VERY IMPORTANT! Governor Inslee states that compliance with contact tracing will be legally enforceable. Quarantine/detention centers shown for children in Washington who “may have been exposed” with job posting for workers.

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One Response to “Children’s Emergency Quarantine Centers”

  1. Thank you for posting the news with dots connected in the State of Washington (as opposed to Washington — see work by Anna Von Reitz and colleagues, www[dot]annavonreitz[dot]com). It seems urgent beyond words that folks return to the land and soil of their birth, repatriate as American State Nationals, and divest one’s self and family of the status “US Citizen”. As you can learn for yourself, a “US citizen” does not have the protections of th “Constitution”. They would have you believe that, however.

    Barbara, if you research this and agree, perhaps you can post a few succinct nuggets along these lines for readers of your blog.

    One thing for certain: We shall not prevail in THEIR courts. What to them is “legal” is not “lawful”. The “Rule of Law”, as Anna Von Reitz pointed out recently, is an inside joke — rule by judges which they can make up as they go along.