The following article excerpt is taken from The History of the Business with Disease (the pharmaceutical industry), which is located at the Dr. Rath Foundation website.

I highly recommend reading the whole thing, not just the excerpt. Codex Alimentarius was conceived and developed by the same people who were responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the human experiments at Auschwitz.

The video that follows gives an excellent overview of Codex Alimentarius well worth the watch, although I do not agree with the speaker that the originators of Codex might have had benevolent motivations. There is simply too much evidence to the contrary.

Auschwitz GateFrom Arbeit macht frei to Codex Alimentarius

Just fifteen years after they were convicted in the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, Bayer, BASF and Hoechst were again the architects of the next major human rights offences. In 1962, they established the Codex Alimentarius Commission. (Remark made by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation)

This dark period of German history is inextricably bound to one man, Fritz ter Meer:

  • He was a member of the Managing Board of IG Farben from its inception to its dissolution. As the Wartime Manager, he was responsible for IG Auschwitz.
  • In the Nuremberg Tribunal, ter Meer stated: Forced labor did not inflict any remarkable injury, pain, or suffering on the detainees, particularly since the alternative for these workers would have been death.
  • In 1948, ter Meer was sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal to seven years in prison for plundering and slavery.
  • In 1952, his sentence was commuted, due to the influence of powerful friends.
  • From 1956-1964, he was reinstated as a member of the Managing Board of Bayer AG.
  • In 1962, ter Meer was one of the architects of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and one of the main designers of the schemes that would profit from human suffering. (Remark made by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation)

The deceptive title Codex Alimentarius is no accident. It was devised by the same companies and indeed the same individuals, who gave the Auschwitz concentration camp inmates the deceptive slogan Arbeit mach frei (Work makes you free). (Remark made by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation)

As long as the Nazi infection continues to work its influence and threaten the lives of untold millions, no German has the right to proclaim that the Nazi era is finished.

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Codex Alimentarius

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2 Responses to “From Arbeit Macht Frei to Codex Alimentarius”

  1. gerald simpkins says:

    CODEX is to be implemented in all member-nations of the WTO (world trade org) by Dec 31, 2009 according to terms of this treaty. Failure to do so can result in fines or sanctions being imposed on those nations that fail to do so. CODEX means “food laws” and classified all vitamins and supplements as prescription only drugs, only to be allowed with a doctor’s prescription. The EU approved it this past spring, around March 09 I think. There has been massive prostest against it ever since, and that is not reported by our media here. I thought I read where there was a petition against it that had either 60 million signatures or 600 million. That was on a radio broadcast so I cannot be sure of the proper number.

  2. annie avery says:

    i might be behind the 8-ball on this and not with the whole program, but i would love for someone to show me how codex will be implemented. this “threat” has been looming for close to a decade now and we still have access to the supplements, foods, etc that were supposedly going to be banned. i really would love to have a discussion on this. there’s my email … i would love a civil debate, not looking for a shouting match. thanks!