Barbara H. Peterson

I honestly believe that we are being manipulated into a national state of cognitive dissonance.

I have been around long enough to see complete turn-arounds in what is “healthy” and what is now “not healthy.” What was “not healthy” and what is now “healthy.” I have seen “honesty” degrade into “relative honesty” and quite frankly, there is no way that anyone who reads, studies, and tries to sort out truth from fiction displayed on the monitor and in print cannot be bombarded with so many flip flops from “experts” that searching for truth literally becomes a dig through a manure pile.

We are being toyed with for profit. Led into a state of disconnect for a penny. Used to profit those whose sole purpose on this earth appears to be to exploit the weaknesses of others. To ruin nations in order to plunder them and to destroy the lives of people as a matter of course in what can only be termed a “no ethics approach to business,” put in play to extract as much profit and power as possible from every living thing.

In other words, the player who has accumulated the most toys before he/she dies is the winner. It doesn’t matter how you “win.” It doesn’t matter if you leave a cesspool of ruined lives in your wake. All that matters is the win.

The real question then becomes, if you can’t take it with you when you die, what have you actually won? Maybe this is why transhumanism is on such a roll nowadays. The monsters who play life and death games for fun and profit know that for them, there is nothing left of what they have spent their lives accumulating when they die. They have wasted their own lives ruining others’ with nothing left to show for it but the gutted carcass of their latest victim. (Barb Peterson)

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One Response to “We Are Being Played”

  1. Alice Smith says:

    Totally agree! From the beginning of this, I’ve smelled globalist sewer rats making their move. If you go to the John Hopkins website and do the math, the numbers tell the truth. FWIW, even doing the math is worthless because there’s the unknown factor of the total amount of cases. But even taking the total number of known cases against the total deaths doesn’t come out much different than the average flu. Here’s the link to the John Hopkins live update site. You can look at the differences between countries with number of cases and number of fatalities. FWIW, I’m even skeptical about the fatalities count being we don’t know how many had other conditions and it wasn’t just Wuhan corona virus that killed them.
    Here’s the link: