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3 Responses to “Jon Rappoport The Bloodless Coup The Fake Epidemic”

  1. Brad says:

    I have come to opening ‘Farm Wars’ emails as soon as I see them as there is always something of importance to them. J.R.’s work on this latest psyop has been exceptional and this video is right there also. And thanks for linking ‘Ice Age Farmer’ as he has some great insights that city folk do not and is as sharp as they come.

  2. MachtNichts says:

    Superb comment, Alan. You’re well read exploring all different angles. Me, I’m trying to figure out if I should ‘shelter in place’, obey orders or just take a walk in the park.

    From the gal (68) that you accused of saying ‘don’t do anything’ instead of ‘it doesn’t matter’. I’m missing the Beulahman.

  3. Thank you for posting JR’s talk about the “fake pandemic”, Barbara! Well worth the time spent, I found.

    As a rule and practice, I avoid watching videos. Wife and I tossed our television set about 15 years ago — at which time I only watched NBA basketball, following the coaching brilliance of Phil Jackson and the exploits of his dominant teams (Chicago Bulls with Michael Johnson & Co., LA Lakers, with Shaq and Kobe & Co.). At last fed up, with a direct subtly wives of many years develop, she pointed out that neither Shaq nor Kobe were coming over on the morrow to assist with gardening, landscaping, or any other meaningful, useful task she could think of — for me!

    Having read JR’s contributions over many years, I made an exception here. Glad I did.

    Given today’s major dialectic — real pandemic vs. fake pandemic — JR’s take would seem especially valuable, given that he has, for decades, covered viruses, vaccines, and Big Pharma. In this video, JR makes a very strong case for “fake pandemic” for reasons we can all appreciate, even though we may not connect the dots immediately (crash the economies, siphon off wealth of the people, curtail their ability to make a living, put in place measures of totalitarian statehood for better, more efficient control of populations, institute restrictions on freedom including mandatory vaccinations).

    I took issue with one minor point JR made with reference to the “outbreak” in Wuhan. The same kind of outbreak reportedly took place in Northern Italy, which has strong economic and other ties with China — as does Iran, for that matter. JR cited the abysmal air quality in Wuhan, something neither Milan nor Qom in Iran feature. (Note that others point to 5G, which both Milan and Wuhan implemented. I do not know about Qom in Iran, though cruise ships may have 5G in place.)

    I also took issue with JR’s black-white approach — fake vs. real. We may have a fake+fake+fake OR real+fake+fake, or some other combination. I do not think bioweaponized viruses can be ruled out; for example, there’s a presentation in Taiwan of an epidemiologist / pharmacologist — see reproduction and mention by Jim Stone [ ] — which JR neither mentioned nor apparently considered.

    One might also consider possible additive ingredients — for example, sarin gas in low doses, biological and other materials added to chemtrails. The Powers That Be act psychopathologically. I would rule nothing out at this stage, given a strong possibility that, compared to 9-11, THEY go for the jugular this time around. As is often quoted these days, Rahm Emmanuel’s famous utterance, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    Evidence to date, brought forth by Veterans Today and others, point to Fort Detrick as source of the “virus(es)”, with early cases in the US covered up by blaming “vaping” in cases featuring all the symptomology of worst cases presumed or confirmed “coronavirus”. JR did not address this information. Nonetheless, JR has good science on his side of the dialectic — worth listening to, I think.