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One Response to “From Outbreak to Global Food Control”

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    hiya Barbara, long time no “talk”
    I found this report VERY worth reading,


    and ZH has some other good articles on whats not working/running short etc as the Cov19 progresses
    especially interesting is 135 varied animals/birds found dead supposedly from the sprays applied to try n sterilise areas, however the animals listed arent ones IN homes but wild.
    see here


    whats possibly more concerning to many or should be..is that most excipients for meds are produced IN CHINA and their factories arent working or limited so even the brand name meds many use as well as tylenol and generics all rely on Chinas output. Indian makers use chinas base chemicals as well and their industry is teetering too.

    No one is even talking about illness and deaths in the rural areas that chinas food comes from either, how strange?

    Africas locust plagues have managed to travel up into the gulf and are moving across to Asia it seems
    no word on the EU and UK Russian veg n other farms IN africa they use as a handy cheap supply source, being affected by that , that I have seen – so far, anyway.

    the S korea outbreaks galloping along, NK of course is saying nothing as always, but they were already in deep trouble with drought a while back.

    might be a grim yr for many as it all progresses
    good news is downunder we have had and are getting decent rains, so barring mouse and locust outbreaks here(both due) some of our farmers will be producing fairly well. Meat production will be lower for a couple of years as we rebreed herds, lost to drought then fires, up though.