EPA backs Bayer/Monsanto in cancer lawsuit appeal

” Shares of Monsanto parent Bayer surged on Monday after the U.S. government put itself in the German company’s corner, arguing that a ruling that found the pesticide Roundup caused cancer should be overturned. ” LINK

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One Response to “EPA – Glyphosate”

  1. Terry Adams says:

    Ms Barbara, NOTHING surprises me anymore.. .. I have been down in the rabbithole for over a decade trying to find the skinny on the bio-weapon they are calling “morgellons disease” and while I have yet to find the origin of THAT anti-human agenda, I have found plenty of others. This world is run by luciferian psychopaths who are jonesing for their one world control structure so they can impose their will on mankind. It seems their will ( as outlined in their version of the 10 commandments called the georgia guidestones) is to kill 95% of the people on this planet. But not outright kill them.. oh no.. sicken them so they can drain every last cent from their bank account while people wither away from the poison’s being dealt to them by big pharma. I swear to you that the “affordable care act” (they speak 180 degrees away from what they mean) was designed to correspond to the outbreak of “morgellons” and other bio-weapons so people will be unable to afford proper medical care.
    I am a long time reader of your stuff and a big fan.. thank you for putting yourself out there – for walking the walk when most no longer even bother to talk the talk. You rock…