Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

One simple word.

It can build up or tear down.

It can send your spirit soaring to heights unknown, or crashing to depths unfathomable.

One simple word.

And yet, we are careless.

Words are tossed around like so much chaff in the wind, never to be taken back, affecting the lives in their path in ways never intended nor realized.

And we live in their confines. The worlds we create for ourselves from their constructs. The worlds we allow others to create for us by their acceptance.

A word is thrown. Someone catches it and spins a reality from it to live in. We live and die by the power of words.

Proverbs 18:21 (ESV):  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

The power to create and destroy.

Our words.

The words that we speak and write every minute of every day. The power of which we take for granted and carelessly give to others and by so doing, allow them to create our destinies for us. The power that we throw away because we do not realize the treasure that we are gifted with.

And so we are constrained in a world that we did not create for ourselves. That has been manufactured to keep us confined, ignorant and enslaved to those who do understand the power of one simple word. And use it against us. For their own benefit.

And the power to dissolve the chains that bind us lies in one simple word.


Belief in your power.

The power that each and every one of us has been gifted with to create a world to live or die in.

Our choice. Not someone else’s.

And the chains dissolve when we realize the power of our words, own that power, and use it to speak life. That is the power of creation. And it is ours.

Let freedom be spoken.

©2018 Barbara H. Peterson

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4 Responses to “The Power of One Simple Word”

  1. ITSTIME says:

    That’s why Rock N’ Roll fighting to annihilate false allies. Fleetwood Mac music: “The Chain”, Album:
    “Rumours”. Journey: “Don’t Stop Believin’
    — Of course John Denver is on our side: Thank’s God I’m a Country Boy.
    That music saying…. many… from them: “Dirt Paws” – Of Monsters and Men. Album: My Head is An Animal.
    Riding with a luxury car, and still no guaranty! by: Pet Shop Boys: “Kink’s Cross”….; because Jealousy is giving us Opportunities…; causing Brain Damage with “Dark Side of the Moon” (Pink Floyd); putting “Man on the Moon” causing “Bang and Blame”, R.E.M.
    Until the “Lunatic Fringe”, album: “As Far As Siam”, from Red Rider.
    And secundo o other causing: “Ship of Fools”, from Robert Plant
    Why I’m blaming: because they have “Sympathy for the Devil”, from Rollings Stones.
    Then: the electric guitar is part of our weapon. Big Log, from Robert Plant
    Who are those: the evil flowers. “Fleurs Du Mal” from Sarah Brightman, again: causing “The Phantom of Opera” from Sarah Brightman/Michael Crawford
    And on the front of disk of Supertramp shows the “Breakfast in America”
    We have to “Change” this “Mad World”, where “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” from Tears for Fears.
    Maybe the solution: “Seven Nation Army” from The White Stripes.
    “Second Chance” from 38 Special

  2. Good to have words from you, Barbara, dear kindred soul safely north of this peculiar state of collectivists and collectivizing mind called Kalifornication. As the 60s bands sang on occasion, “You know where I’m at!”

    A teacher I once had (headquarters California) taught that “Everything beLIEved is a LIE.” However, anagrammatically [sic] – I confess to a growing affection for anagrams – BELIEF = BE LIFE.

    The WORD indeed carries POWER. The same teacher I cite above also taught that “LOVE is the channel through which POWER moves.” Something to do with chakras and the like, no doubt, though the teacher had the outer appearance of a “Christian”.

    To each and all, I highly recommend sayings compiled from words spoken by yet another wonderful teacher, “The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The Power of the Spoken Word.”

    Self-realization really seems within easy grasp for us all. I like the following counsel: Practice Love, Joy, and Peace as one’s heart’s content, always. Little to none of that process requires a whole lot, if any, cognitive input whatsoever.

    Thanks to you Barbara, and all the others for sharing and keeping in touch. Helps a lot.


  3. Andrew John says:

    Greetings Barbara,

    There is a power which drives a force of human emotion. Its is a force that keeps us safe when other forces combine to tear us apart, Jesus calls it, The Power of Love.

    Warm Wishes,
    Andrew John

  4. Wondering Man says:

    Wonderful article. It’s what will be great to start my week with and I will be using it. Thanks Barbara.