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Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

After reading the 2018 White House budget, I find that there are some key points in it that we should all be aware of:

Support for industry’s development of public lands; support for vaccine delivery for hundreds of millions of children; support for IRS enforcement; and elimination of a program that helps low income people get heating assistance.

Read it for yourself:

“Strengthens the Nation’s energy security by increasing funding for DOI programs that support environmentally responsible development of energy on public lands and offshore waters. Combined with administrative reforms already in progress, this would allow DOI to streamline permitting processes and provide industry with access to the energy resources America needs, while ensuring taxpayers receive a fair return from the development of these public resources.” (Translation: public lands will be more open to “energy” development such as oil, gas and uranium mining.)

“Provides sufficient resources on a path to fulfill the $1 billion U.S. pledge to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. This commitment helps support Gavi to vaccinate hundreds of millions of children in low-resource countries and save millions of lives.” (Translation: All of that pre-election rhetoric about vaccine safety? Forget about it. Gavi is a Bill and Melinda Gates baby that intends to vaccinate the world.)

“Preserves key operations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to ensure that the IRS could continue to combat identity theft, prevent fraud, and reduce the deficit through the effective enforcement and administration of tax laws. Diverting resources from antiquated operations that are still reliant on paper-based review in the era of electronic tax filing would achieve significant savings, a funding reduction of $239 million from the 2017 annualized CR level.” (Translation: Since the IRS will be focusing on getting rid of paper and going electronic, we can save money there.)

“Eliminates the discretionary programs within the Office of Community Services, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP: link inserted by author) and the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), a savings of $4.2 billion from the 2017 annualized CR level. Compared to other income support programs that serve similar populations, LIHEAP is a lower-impact program and is unable to demonstrate strong performance outcomes. CSBG funds services that are duplicative of other Federal programs, such as emergency food assistance and employment services, and is also a limited-impact program.” (Note: I doubt that the low income people who receive assistance paying their heating bills would consider this a low impact service.)

The question on everyone’s mind about the current President should be: Is he working with the globalist conspirators or against them?

When did we start worshiping the almighty dollar so much that only those with billions can aspire to be President? When did we start declaring that President of the United States is akin to a Roman Emperor, so we should bow down and trust him completely? What happened to critical thinking?

Where is the real alternative media and why the deafening silence when questioning the new President’s motives? Shouldn’t we be beating the streets, trying to find out the truth? Why are we buying what comes out of any billionaire’s mouth without asking a single question?

Since President Trump’s appointees appear to be littered with people that have ties to big oil and gas, drug companies and biotech interests, I, for one, doubt that someone with such globalist corporate leanings could actually be working for the little guy and is about to take down the New World Order (NWO), but who am I? I’m not one of the “alternative” media moguls who are peddling his legitimacy like drugs on a street corner in New York, collecting the wages of a paid assassin, boondoggling the public for gain, counting on the people’s desperate need for a “savior.”

I’m just one of the countless underpaid, overworked drones well on down the ladder from the leaders of corporate America, who count their billions and run the country, wield power like it is their natural born right, and throw useless eaters away like used toilet paper.

If President Trump really is “on our side” as projected by his avid supporters, why are his actions looking more and more like a big business takeover?

And just what is going to happen if/when people who swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker start realizing that they have been duped by those whom they trusted to tell them the truth, who were only looking to increase their hits, clicks and ratings? Will those hanging on the wrong end of the fishing pole still attempt to justify the dissonant actions that they see with their own eyes and completely throw away their values in order to keep from facing reality?

Are we looking at a mass-produced cognitive dissonance so complete that only a few will be able to see through it?

©2017 Barbara H. Peterson

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6 Responses to “Trump’s 2018 Budget: Let the Corporate Games Begin”

  1. Let’s not play the blame game. The deck was stacked, the game rigged. No matter who was allowed to be President, the game plan would not have changed, just a different face and a slightly different manner of execution. It is not the one who was tricked who is to blame, it is the trickster.

  2. Bob says:

    Yeah, it was pretty hard to see a billionaire wanting to use the government to benefit his billionaire friends. No, wait. It wasn’t hard at all.

    Nor was it difficult to predict that Trump would install banksters (seven Goldman Sachs execs in his inner circle so far) or fossil fuel execs in his cabinet.

    Thanks, Trump voters, for accelerating the demise of our civil rights, the middle class, and possibly the nation itself.

  3. David says:

    The last four presidents, starting with Bush Senior and now including Trump have all played an integral part in the destruction of the United States. Instead of looking at each president individually, look at how all of them are united in chipping away at our freedoms, economy, education, healthcare systems, etc. Instead People take sides resulting in hate and division which is exactly what the globalists want. You cannot have a One World Government without first bringing Lady Liberty to her knees.

  4. George H. says:

    Oops, sorry fellow Rubes, guess we picked a “pig in a poke” after all. Yep, our flaxen haired troubador, turned out to be just another forked-tongued, two faced, four flusher after all. “Don’t confuse ’em with facts, just dazzle ’em with bullshit” was his secret coda all along. And “We the Sheeple” will bear the brunt of this massive deception, as the safety net disintegrates, and the enviroment crumbles. But hey, the smokestacks will be a’belching, the oil shale will be a’fracking, the fat cats will be a’slurping, and the bloviating tweeter, will be a’tweeting “Oh happy days on the gravy train once again” But aren’t we tired of seeing this same old movie over and over and over again. The names change but the script remains the same. I think it’s time to burn down the old movie house and start all over again. For starters, how about we use the US Constitution for the script, produced by We the People, and directed by Good God Almighty. Yep, now that’s one movie that I wouldn’t mind seeing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

  5. Paul Fassa says:

    “Are we looking at a mass-produced cognitive dissonance so complete that only a few will be able to see through it?”

    YES! The Trumpers are just like the Obama worshipers were – partisan voters fall for the new marshal with the white hat’s blarney and persona that’s either swagger (Trump) or glib smoothness (Obama. Like Mark Twain said – “It’s easier to fool people than tell them they’ve been fooled.”

  6. Abe says:

    Donald Trump in a Blender