Unpleasant truths or comforting lies? Your choice…

Barbara H. Peterson

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3 Responses to “The Lie We Live”

  1. George H. says:

    LIVING THE DREAM (only for the 1%) but for the rest of us, we are living in the belly of the beast (that devours it’s own) but the lying presstitutes claim that we are living in the best of all possible worlds NOT. The MSM is almost wholly FAKE NEWS, that seamlessly meshes with FAKE FOOD, FAKE MEDICINE, in the FAKE ECONOMY,and in the fake “celebrity” world so beloved by the talking heads and the forked tongued punditry who set the narrative that the sheeple so obligingly follow. Glued to their TV sets, munching on their GMOs, with billions of dollars of toxic Big Pharma “medicine” flowing through their veins, drugged up and dumbed down, only seeing through a glass darkly, never seeing the sunlit truth, or hearing the words of wisdom that would set them free, they are the bodies, the cannon fodder, that sustains this monstrous lie, this huge money making machine that grossly benefits the plutocrats, while grinding up the rest of humanity into little pieces. But that is as it should be, for as the golden rule so categorically states: HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES.

  2. susan says:

    Awake! No phone! Computer is the greatest activist tool if we don’t fall into a virtual reality! Action required always!

  3. Abe says:

    I was surprised with over 23 million views, this is the first time I’ve seen this. Thanks for your part in exposing the lie Barb.

    I figured out we were living a lie before the end of the 70’s. Since Obama saved me and went from 70K a year to 17K a year, I’ve had plenty of idle time to learn new things on the net at the local library. I learned the lie was more massive than I could ever of imagined.

    In that time I’ve met people from all 6 continents. All walks of life. I’ve found one thing those I’ve met all over the world, and I have in common is for the most part we all realize were being manipulated by the powers that control there governments. Everyone everywhere want the same thing. Peace, self determination, and to be left alone.

    Trump love him or hate him, he’s done one thing positive for sure, he’s exposed the media, government, and banks for what they are. In 2014 the wake up in America, Europe, and around the world was really gaining steam. Now it’s “Damn the Torpedoes full speed ahead”.

    We’ve got some terrible days ahead, but they’re not going to be as bad as I feared even a year ago. The financial collapse is a certainty, and sooner than most want to believe. But because people are wake now there’s a good chance we all can take back our countries. Whether it be Standing Rock, to Donetsk, people are standing up and taking there lumps from the powers that be. There’s even a movement to get rid of the Monarchy in the UK. I can see the break up of the EU in the next 5 years, and friends in the EU can see it too.

    With the financial collapse in the near future, those that have been awake for years and have been prepping for it have a real chance to thrive during the down turn. Those that just woke up, time is short!!!

    THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (video)

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