Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job’s a game…

It pays to have a sense of humor. After all, what’s a good, lucrative eugenics program without one? But the key is to implement your plan in plain sight, under the cover of national security and benevolence to humanity.

On Oct 8, 1998, the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act became US law. This legislation:

“…calls for the establishment of the Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group [IWG] to locate, identify, and make available to the public Nazi war criminal records.” [1]

The IWG’s task was to organize previously classified documents from the OSS, predecessor of the CIA, as well as from the CIA and other intelligence sources, and to make these documents available to the public. These were to include documents relating to possible collusion between US government organizations and Nazi war criminals.

Millions of pages have been released but very little information has trickled down to the broad public. And this trickle has been presented in a way calculated to minimize public awareness of the extent to which the Nazi apparatus was recruited in order – literally – to *become* the US covert operations and intelligence apparatus (the CIA etc.)


You see, the master plan was not extinguished in favor of freedom and democracy for all. It was merely integrated into our government playbook, given a bit of lipstick and transformed into a patriotic part of America the Beautiful by those who are anything but.

And every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree! It’s very clear to see that

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down, the medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way…

And what was once deemed a horrendously unacceptable plan to eliminate the inferior masses and build a master race suddenly morphed into a perfectly acceptable CIA wet dream:

“The CIA wanted to find substances which would “promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness.” Serious consideration should be given to the idea that psychiatric medications, food additives, herbicides, and industrial chemicals (like fluorides) would eventually satisfy that requirement.”


And they didn’t have far to look to find willing participants to introduce these medications, food additives, herbicides and fluoride to the general population. After all, who can resist a little fun? Create a “master race,” eliminate the riff-raff and rake in the dough while the inferiors poison themselves all the while thinking they are being helped and nourished. What could be better? Keep them working like crazy just to stay above water, pay a mortgage, feed their families, live the American Dream, all the while shoveling poisons into their bodies without a thought. Beautiful!

A robin feathering his nest has very little time to rest
While gathering his bits of twine and twig
Though quite intent in his pursuit
He has a merry tune to toot
He knows a song will move the job along

Don’t want to eat glyphosate, the world’s most popular herbicide manufactured by Monsanto and commonly known as Roundup? Too bad. Eat it anyway.

Foods that are promoted as healthy and nutritious, even organic and non-GMO have been shown to contain an extra little ingredient added by the chemical/agricultural giant known as Monsanto, to give your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that added boost of “nutrition.” Yes, folks, stand up and applaud the American food regulatory agencies for allowing what’s on your plate to be contaminated on an unprecedented scale with the herbicide known as glyphosate.


For a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down, the medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

Water, water everywhere, and not a clean drop to drink…

Most are aware of the water fluoridation program that has been foisted upon us as a “treatment for dental disease” and cure for cavities. This is proven propaganda and has been disputed in the EPA’s own documents, which list fluoride as a contaminant, as well as in countless other professional publications. Yet, the mass water fluoridation program continues, causing food and liquids that use this contaminated water to contain fluoride also.


The honey bees that fetch the nectar from the flowers to the comb
Never tired of ever buzzing to and fro
Because they take a little nip from every flower that they sip
And hence (And hence)
They find (They find)
Their task is not a grind

A bit of fluoride here, Glyphosate there, with a touch of Big Pharma meds, and viola! You’ve got a deadly mix of poisonous stew just right for the masses to feed on.


And they won’t even mind. Not a bit. In fact, they will love you for it. After all, you are their benefactors. Their heroes. You are the epitome of what is good and righteous in the world. At least that is what we have been told all of our lives and that is exactly what the media is paid to promote. And the media would never lie…

On June 3, the St. Louis Business Journal had this to say:

Monsanto Co. was named one of the world’s top companies in corporate sustainability and environmental impact, according to Newsweek rankings released Thursday.

The Creve Coeur-based agritech company is No. 12 in the U.S. and No. 22 in the world based on its environmental impact and sustainability efforts, marking a jump from last year’s rankings. Monsanto (NYSE: MON) ranked No. 52 in the U.S. and No. 84 globally in 2015.

Of course, the superfund sites poisoned by that very same company don’t count. At least not anymore. That’s in the past. Down the memory hole, never to be mentioned again. Well, almost…

On the west side of Anniston, the poor side of Anniston, the people ate dirt. They called it “Alabama clay” and cooked it for extra flavor. They also grew berries in their gardens, raised hogs in their back yards, caught bass in the murky streams where their children swam and played and were baptized. They didn’t know their dirt and yards and bass and kids — along with the acrid air they breathed — were all contaminated with chemicals. They didn’t know they lived in one of the most polluted patches of America.

Now they know. They also know that for nearly 40 years, while producing the now-banned industrial coolants known as PCBs at a local factory, Monsanto Co. routinely discharged toxic waste into a west Anniston creek and dumped millions of pounds of PCBs into oozing open-pit landfills. And thousands of pages of Monsanto documents — many emblazoned with warnings such as “CONFIDENTIAL: Read and Destroy” — show that for decades, the corporate giant concealed what it did and what it knew.


Shhhhhhhh… This never happened. Just repeat that to yourself daily until you believe it.


Ah, ah, ah!

So eat up, friends. Drink that fluoride and take those meds that cause the things they are said to prevent, and never question the hand that feeds you. Your doctor is always right, no matter what the medication insert says, Monsanto and all the chemical companies would never put anything in your food that would hurt you, and the government is on your side. After all, that is the dream, isn’t it? And don’t ever wake up because you just might find yourself in the middle of a death rattle, surrounded by predators, with nowhere left to go.

©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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4 Responses to “Just a Spoonful of Sugar”

  1. Sherry Morse says:

    Send this to Donald Trump. He has no idea how evil Monsanto is.

  2. Abe says:

    So it was 1991 when the school shrink came into play, and $400 a head. I had a school shrink say my boy was ADD, or ADHA. He was on Adderall instead of Ritalin. It made him into a zombie, of coarse it didn’t help having him sent home for NOT being on drugs. My ex liked them to. I always thought it was the sugar! So while Poppy was in power was when “Just say no” turn to yes. No surprise there! That’s how your hard core commie works. Now Round has 2,4-D and Dicamba. What next?

    Not only did Operation Paperclip give us some nice Nazi from I.G. Farben, we also got some nice Nips from Unit 731.

    Time to go to DC and give’em all PCB enemas!

    Dr. Strangelove – Water Fluoridation

    Dr. Strangelove – Precious Bodily Fluids

  3. David Caseber says:

    Thanks for reminding us to have a sense of humor!
    Laughter builds our immune system & provides a great healthy release!
    Thanks for reminding me of the early years visiting my grandfathers’ farm and being with vibrant life all around!
    “The Emperor Has No Clothes!”

  4. Paul Fassa says:

    You kicked ass on this post Barbara – covered all the “highlights” of keeping America great as it welcomes the New World Order. That federal financial incentive for diagnosing ADHD and prescribing Ritalin or whatever is a new one for me – WTF!