Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Did you ever get the feeling that you were going to wake up at any moment and life as you know it would no longer exist? That what you have been living is a lie and that the “truth” as you have perceived it isn’t really the truth at all?

What if you came to the stark realization that your “reality” has been and is an illusion consisting of a manufactured web of lies and deceit created to keep you in line and working for a system that has been designed to enslave you just so others can live like kings off the sweat of your brow?

And what if, one day, you decide that you are disgusted by that system and demand the truth?

sleep-1The Long Slumber

I have lived in this system for many years. I embraced it. Thought that it was the best system on earth. That is what I was taught. And then the reality of what I was living became so ugly that I could not accept it, so I created a space to live in that made it bearable. And I carried on.

When the truth peaked through occasionally, I could not accept it. It frightened me. Made me angry. So I lashed out at those who exposed this truth. It could not be real, and I suppressed it until it could be suppressed no longer and I found myself face to face with it.

And it stared back at me with cold, hard eyes.

Those around me stepped out of my path, reluctant to get in the way as I unwittingly stumbled towards it, all the while subtly guiding me back towards the illusion. It’s easier, they said. Just believe the lies. You will be happier. But something was gnawing away at me. There must be more to this puzzle than I knew. So I kept questioning. Kept trying to uncover the reality. To escape from what I was beginning to realize was a deep, dark pit disguised as a comforting refuge.

eyes-openThe Awakening

And then it hit me. I wasn’t free. Not really. Not like I had been told.

The reality is, I am enslaved. Tied to a world that requires giving my all just to stay above water and help foster the illusion of freedom to lure others in as well.

But my mind would not accept this realization in the beginning. Now I know it for a fact. And it is deplorable. The feeling of entrapment in a system designed for rodents. Rats in a trap created for the amusement of a few. Expendable toys in a game none of us can win.

So I keep searching for a way out of the maze, with each door leading back to the center. Each facilitator ushering me back to the comfortable game. The more I question my plight the more intense the effort becomes to convince me that the truth is an illusion.

But the truth cannot be forever suppressed. And when it appears for a brief instant, it then becomes a daunting task of accepting the revelations a little at a time because the enormity of it might just be too much to handle if uncovered all at once.

Baby steps. One bite at a time. But once the center is reached, will the illusion be preferred? Will the whole truth about all of the lies be so ugly that I recoil in total revulsion and grab onto any fantasy that I can to avoid it at all costs? That is the chance I must take, because living a lie is not acceptable. Not by any means.

So, the question must be asked…

Can you handle the truth?

Well, maybe I can’t, Jack. But I need it. Why? Because the exposed lies sicken me.

There are those whose livelihood depends on us saying no to this question and slipping back into the comfortable illusion.

They depend on our ignorance. They thrive on it. And they count on us pulling into our shells, afraid of stepping out of bounds. They count on complacency and a willingness to lie to oneself and delude others. They create entertainment to distract and appease, luring us into going easily into that good night without a struggle.

Yes, there will always be those who are content within the maze. Happily feeding on table scraps until those scraps stop falling and they are forced to eat their own children. And still, they cannot and will not see that what they do is controlled.

But will their fate be any better than those who question the status quo? Who choose to see beyond the next round of bread and circuses meted out to keep us in line? Is it better to be a willing participant in our own destruction, or to take that chance and go for the brass ring of truth?


I say, take the chance. Because when all is said and done, the truth will be the only thing left standing no matter how many lies are wrapped around it to disguise its true nature.

And when all the lies are exposed and the truth stands tall, all that we can do is hope that it will recognize each of us as a friend.

©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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11 Responses to “I Woke Up Today”

  1. Jimmy says:


    Do you have a name for that powdered weed.


  2. Bugged says:

    My thoughts exactly! Care to share the name of the chinese powdered weed? I have zero trust in the Sickcare Establishment and I have a similar ailment to what you were cured of.

  3. farang says:

    Illusion…it’s archaic label is “Maya”…he is aka Elu/Ilu of Sais and On. Sais is pronounced “Sai” as in sigh.

    It is one of the “Seven Methods of Control.”

    Without making this too long-winded, let’s just say do not let the realization we’ve been living in Illusion overwhelm you. Basically, just keep in mind the Media “is” the “Devil” Wormtongue, and let the minions of Elu talk to themselves, while we seek out Reality…as stark and sometimes harsh as it may be, and concentrate on taking care of family and friends, while being brave enough to punch these bullies in the nose wherever they appear.

    Then sooner than we think, these cowardly minions will be laughed at and mocked, powerless to influence.

    It is difficult to define Ill of sais-On, he was a shaman/illusionist calling himself by many labels, including “Siva/Shiva.” Very Elu-Sive to pin down in a comment.

    He is aka Yama, an anagram of Maya. Ask a rabbi who Yama is….

  4. middleway says:

    Welcome back Barbara,… Welcome home.

  5. Fred Reynolds says:

    Barbara – the key is not being fearful of anything you see or hear. Look at everything objectively and dispassionately, and 99% of the lies and the fear they generate falls away. Fear perpetuates itself and this is the number one reason not to re-enter that “comfortable” world you spoke of.


  6. Rabbitnexus says:

    The list of everything includes the geological history of our planet and the origins of the human race as well as the duration as well as the details of human history and of history of life on this planet and around the solar system. It includes the nature of civilisation, its purpose and true powers behind the governments we see, and even those we are generally aware of. None of them are anything but cutouts. The level of technology and what is actually going on around here. The concept that we are the main intelligent life even on the planet is ridiculous. We’re free roaming herd animals being milked for various things, not least a genetic stock for another civilisation beyond this one. We’re centuries if not millenia behind some humans on this planet and we even catch glimpses of them from time to time. Yet even they are clueless about some others who are as incomprehensible to them as they would be to us.
    The history of the modern world as we think of it. From the falsehoods taught since Biblical times, even then there was much hidden in what was passed on for reasons which haunt the human race to this day. The recent few hundred years have included falsehoods about ALL our major wars, who started them and why, who won and how. Who was the good guys? That is something we have always been lied to about. the good guys were usually the ones who lost, got dragged before courts and hung, if they were lucky and brutally murdered if not. The bad guys write the news, the history and the songs. They run the schools, the medical establishment. Which is just money for suffering, I recently avoided a $15K operation and lifetimes of drugs afterwards for blocked arteries with $15 worth of an ancient herbal remedy which has unblocked arteries, cured cancers, cured hepatitas, kidney disease and heart disease as well as high blood pressure, since biblical times. I am fully recovered now after four weeks of a 2 X daily dose of a powdered weed. I cured asthma as a kid, with swimming and have seen people cured of cancer many times. I only saw anyone die of cancer in the care of the medical establishment actually. Knowing all this still made it hard for me to walk out of the hospital when theyw anted to operate and swore blocked arteries can only be ‘cured’ with stents of bypass surgery. I walked out though and I am glad I did. I am so sorry for the majority of mankind who are not capable of taking that step. Even when the establishment tells them they can’t cure something, they still usually won’t cut ties and go an alternative route. Yet if they cannot confront the obvious truth that their government is lying, is killing thousands of their own just to herd them into letting them kill millions of others for profit, how can they turn their backs on doctors with white coats who tell them they are the only arbiters of what is true and the fact is they are going to die without allowing them to do some expensive and life altering thing to their bodies? If they cannot even acknowledge their chosen political candidate has said something treasonous on a national debate, or has stated she or he will uneqivocably do something they would never condone, then how will they ever remove those tubes and walk out of hospital whilst doctors and nurses freak out at the risk they’re taking, to seek a cure the experts say does not exist?

    My point is this. Whilst the cost to one’s peace of mind may be very high to live out here in the ‘badlands’ there are some benefits as well. You get the benefits of some astonishing repressed health benefits and the terms “chronic illness” or ‘incurable’ will cease to mean anything to you. You also get to marvel at what whilst incomplete is a truly awesome new comprehension of the universe. Its size, variablity and multidimensional nature.

    On the flip side, it is frustrating and it helps to develop a feeling of humane compassion for humanity as a group and learn to avoid too much angst over those close to you who refuse to wake up. They might in time do so and if you can live with their seeming zombieness (after a while ‘normal people’ become dull and boring, nothing to talk about except what you realise is garbage or small talk intende dto avoid anything important) then you should try, because your example may help them, sure. Usually unless you go there together though, or met there, it is a losing cause. It doesn;t seem from here as if many make it over. a few percent at most. Statistically there’s only going to be in every few families! Sad but it explains the oft expressed loneliness those with open eyes express. I am fortunate to have a trusting and open minded as well as largely awake partner but it wasn’t always so. I lost a long term marriage and all my family almost over time due to having nothing left in common with what are to me zombies.

  7. Rabbitnexus says:

    It isn’t easy to escape the fences placed around us. If it were easy, then it wouldn’t be a very effective prison now would it? I guess being always a bit of an outcaste among my peers made it easier for me to confront and I realised decades ago that we were living in a matrix of lies. True though the full extent has only dawned on me lately, and by that I mean EVRYTHING almost you could think of, is a part of this web of lies. Whether or not there is some actual matrix device involved, the fact remains that at this stage in human history, every single thing that most people take for granted, as given truths are in fact falsehoods planted sepcifically for the purpose of directing their gaze and manipulating their beliefs so that the mass of humanity is nothing but an easily handled herd animal. I am aware of the enormity of the task for most people in confronting the stark reality. The gulf between the manipulated paradigm most take for granted and the reality around it is immense, it might as well be another dimension. Maybe it is. Having entered it I find it is not impossible to return to the world ‘they’ inhabit, but it is with effort and becomes tiresome quickly. Crossing over that gulf one is confronted with a powerful human tendency to cognitive dissonance.

    I see it all around me. People in that state can simply not acknowledge a simple fact such as gravity or actual words spoken by someone they refuse to believe that person said. No matter how many times they might have proof passed before their eyes. I saw it with 9/11. A simple order of fall of a brick through air, water and damaged material structure they could easily lay out, unless the question was related to the fall of the twin towers. Then every imaginable and some even insane methods were used to avoid making the connection. Now we see Hillary Clinton saying things in the debates which are deal breakers for anybody who acknowledges what she has said, MOST of all the sort of people who actually back her. Yet those same people refuse point blank to listen to her saying the words, whilst the argue she never said them. Insane. Yet so common, almost everybody is afflicted in some area of their belief system at any given time.

    It takes courage and an enormous effort of spirit. It must because it seems so hard for people to do. Even when as the author admits, she was on the verge of awakening for such a very long time before. It wasn’t the accumalation of knowledge, which continues actually. The reality is far less sure and has less answers than the matrix for sure and you will never have the feeling of “everything is under control” again. Except in a very dark and ominious way anyway. Good luck fellow Realonauts. We traverse the vast empty regions of the real universe and sometimes it may feel lonely. However in the final analysis, you are among the only truly sentient souls out there and in the long run the only ones who count anyway.

  8. Thom says:

    Go down the rabbit hole until you’ve seen the queen of hearts.

    Once a person has pierced through all the veils of deception, which are placed there to impede our independence and freedom, there is no going back.

    And it is a lonely experience. People that refuse to see don’t enjoy having their blinders removed. Friends and family can be few and far between.

  9. Olddog says:

    (Believe me), I understand your frustration as the people in Mass, are a perfect example of insanity! It seems to me that y’all have been watching too much TV and are under the influence of your commie education. It is strange to me that anyone regardless of their education would not know by pure instinct that our government is the epitome of tyranny and no where close to what they claim to be. You can wipe your ass with the constitution because the International Investment Bankers own this shit hole we are so in love with. Not until these scumbags are in hell will you ever be able to design and control a government for freedom loving people. The more people we have, the more impossible it is to please every one, and that’s why they are opening the borders for every scumbag on earth. They have divided you with diversity, multi culturalism, and false doctrine of every imagination from the get go. They know damn well that doctrine, “ is the glue” that holds a society together! I wrote about the divided churches and governance long ago, and was proven correct by the division in both America and the Christian churches. What you believe, is what you are!
    Take a little of everything in your pantry and make a soup, you will find it impossible to swallow, and if you can, it will make you sick!

  10. Alan Donelson says:

    Beautifully and poignantly put, Barbara.

    I too grew sick and tired of how I thought things to be, bounced and tossed between endless arrays of twin pillars, for example, Liberal-Conservative, Capitalism-Communism, Everything-Nothing, Individualism-Collectivism, each represented, tangibly or abstractly, by Tweedle Duh or Tweedle Demon, all opposites joined at the hip, forming a gateway to a human holding pen or a slaughter house, dialectics to ensnare, not to enlighten.

    I give thanks, and have great gratitude, for those like yourself, willing to seek and tell the Truth as you find it, shining your light, leading others on as they will. Blessings! Let us carry on!


  11. Abe says:

    I bet there’s a different wake up moment different for every one that reads Farm Wars. Being I was one of them little green monsters trained for watching the wire, I guess I can handle the truth.

    In Sept 08 the whore running Washington State said they were putting a hold for 6 months on 17 projects, including the 55 story I was to start on. I was laid off early Jan 09, so I was expecting to go back to work in the spring. In Feb I got my report for my investments. Minus 43%! I had blood spurting out of my eyes. Them jabbering monkeys on the idiot tube kept squawking housing bubble. LMAO yuppers, just like hope and change. Going from $70K to $17K made some really tough MN winters including a GMO near death experience. (remember when vets were dying to get into the VA? I was one of them.) I also notice that every one of my friends in my demographics got kicked to the curb. But during the last 8 years I’ve gotten one hell of an education, and met some real top shelf people on my journey. Especially on money matters. “Follow the Money”. Got out of debt, and paper, and prepped.

    Although I don’t think anyone here is drinking the kool aid, I made a list a few months ago on all the “BUBBLES” that are going to pop real soon. Enough to make Lawrence Welk envious. If any one still thinks Obama saved the day, all he did was go nuts with a tire pump, and tried to start WWIII. At least Putin isn’t an idiot! Were in for a rough ride the next few months.

    I seen this in The New American today. We all knew this was coming, well it’s here. This would be us!

    Obama Unleashes “Intervention Teams” to Wage War on “Ideologies”

    Now if I can time getting my GF out of the Ukraine in between financial and nuclear armageddon, I’ll be happy. She has a clue, and I’m not brain dead. What a match.

    Good Luck and God Bless.