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anthony2Scientists Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff have just gotten the fifth peer reviewed paper on Glyphosate published. Its named “Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins”. The interview on that has been covered in the previous blog.

The latest bombshell to come from Anthony Samsel is from the sixth paper, which is not yet published, but whose supporting data is already making waves – various popular vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate.

How? Well, vaccine makers sometimes use animal byproducts in vaccines, products such as chicken egg protein or gelatine that comes from bones. And if those vaccine makers are using animals that come out of factory farms, chances are they are fed GMO and glyphosate laced feed. If so, they would pick up Glyphosate into their system just as we humans do. Therefore, egg protein and gelatine made from these animals may also contain glyphosate, which in turn would then contaminate the vaccines that use these products. Finally, people, or animals, vaccinated with these products would have glyphosate directly injected into them, and will in due course have glyphosate initiating a cascade of diseases.

Anthony Samsel was not passing opinion on this. Rather, he collected vast samples of these popular vaccines and got them tested by multiple labs in USA for presence of Glyphosate, and found, as he suspected, the vaccines to be largely contaminated by it.

This 5 minute video covers only that part of the talk.

He has already alerted his Senator, as well as various Government and international organizations such as CDC, FDA and WHO.

What is the situation with Canada? It depends on where the vaccine makers have their plants. I don’t know if they have many in Canada. But the issue remains the same. Vaccine manufacturers might be using animals from factory farms, and may never have considered the issue of glyphosate contamination.

For Canada, the most important task would be to take samples of all vaccines and have them tested for presence of glyphosate.

For Canadians, it should trigger a grassroots movement demanding postponing all mass vaccination till we have the issue sorted and till we have forced the vaccine makers to use animals fed organically and tested to be glyphosate free.

I intend to use the content of Anthony Samsel’s letters, add my bit on Canada, as well as video such as this one, to alert our Canadian counterparts.

I request all readers of the blog to share it, and also consider writing to your local representative in the Government, or to the medical establishment, to consider taking a serious second look at this new information of glyphosate poisoning of some of the popular vaccines. The idea is not to ban vaccines per se, but to force the producers to use animals that are not fed GMO and glyphosate laced feed to start with, and to clean up their vaccines. Vaccines are meant to protect people, not poison them or make them sick.

Sample letter sent by Anthony Samsel

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Links to Anthony Samsel’s five peer reviewed papers can be found at ResearchGate, by typing in his name and browsing through his publications. Alternately, they can also be downloaded from here:

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10 Responses to “Vaccine-glyphosate link exposed by Anthony Samsel”

  1. Glyphosate is in Round up, the worst pesticide out there and that is also something that needs to be outlawed. Glyphosate causes cancer.

  2. john says:

    ”He has already alerted his Senator, as well as various Government and international organizations such as CDC, FDA and WHO.”

    CDC, FDA, WHO etc are organised crime, mafia psychopaths.

  3. Annette Aspinwall says:


    Good for you, you don’t use vaccines. I have learned a lot and will never have another vaccine in my life.

    But, I live in California and there is a bill that went into effect July 2016 and it forces vaccines on all school children and healthcare workers. Only children with existing medical exemptions can opt out…(faith based exemptions aren’t allowed) no new exemptions allowed. Parents will be forced to give their children 40 doses of 10 federally mandated vaccines. Natural measles infection can protect from cancer in later life.
    and there are government studies that show this to be true, in fact the 1st sentence of this study states “Measles virus offers an ideal platform from which to build a new generation of safe, effective oncolytic viruses. Occasional “spontaneous” tumor regressions have occurred during natural measles infections” Study can be found at this government link

    Vaccines have always been comtaminated…they are weapons to destroy our immune system. It may not happen immediately, could take 6 months, 6 years or 30 years…thus the plausible deniability.

    One of the best vaccine documentaries I have ever watched was produced by researcher, writer and activist, Clint Richardson. It is extremely eye opening and the final 30 minutes left me stunned. Here is the link

  4. ozspeaksup says:

    once again Barbara Thank you for your hard work and effort to disseminate vital info.

    and on the safety of vaccines?
    well earlier tonight I came across this

    the serious points made are
    clinically approved Vaccines-which USE aluminium adjuvants!

    ONE variant of the aluminium CAN be taken up by white blood cells and get into Lymph system /past blood brain Barrier/into central nervous system

  5. Annette Aspinwall says:

    Mr Jordan,

    Excellent, exceptionally well thought out response. I couldn’t believe that the article stated “force the producers to use animals that are not fed GMO and glyphosate laced feed to start with, and to clean up their vaccines. Vaccines are meant to protect people, not poison them or make them sick.” NOT make them sick, NOT poison them? The whole point is to cull the herd…US, WE, THE PEOPLE!

  6. George H says:

    Glyphosate contaminated vaccines is just another arrow in the Oligarchy’s quiver. Along with fluoridated water, chemtrails, gmos, everlasting wars, industrial pollution, nuclear waste, fast food, TV and MSM swill. The deck is stacked, we’re being taken to the cleaners, we’re being hung out to dry. But tut, tut, tut, not to worry folks, because there’s a great new movie coming out, soon to be at a theater near you, with a cast of billions, at a cost of $trillions, and many years in the making, soon to be seen on the giant silver screen, the greatest movie of all times THE GREAT CULLING – be there or be square.

  7. Thank you for being kind enough to post my comment. It was Carl Rove or Carl Luntz that said: “If you control the language you control the debate”. It was attributed to Pinchon: “If you ask the wrong question — it doesn’t matter what the answer is”. I’ve read the material from MIT. It was brilliantly researched and presented. But we are talking apples and orangutans here. It is like going into a fine restaurant and ordering wine, then getting a glass of gasoline and sending it back because it had a bit too much Lead in it. Rebecca Carley is/was the only person brave enough to call vaccines weapons of mass destruction. NOT medicine. There is a myth that things have to be done incrementally to induce change. A vaccine by definition as WMD cannot be called ‘contaminated’, therefore whether it had glyphosate or corn chips in it wouldn’t matter from a weapon’s point of view. We can reframe the reframing of this situation by examining a conversation in a doctor’s office: “Good morning Mrs. Smith. I see your daughter is of the age that the government wants to target for antifertility weapons. Would you like an HPV shot during the exam? It won’t cost much and the chance of her dropping dead in the office is minimal. It is, however, what we call in the business a slow kill, so you can expect life-long health crises and you will be getting to see me a lot more often on the plus side.” Now, Barb, I know way too many people who, even in that situation would simply roll up their sleeves, but in that case, if they were told that they were going to be shot with a weapon and agreed, then that would be their chosen fate. But no one is using that language because it shuts down all dialectic. It is time for all of us to call a Spade a hand-held digging device with a blade wide enough to carve a channel for agricultural drainage tile.

  8. Patrick – I personally do not use vaccines and believe that they are harmful. The author of the article has a slightly different stance. The information in it regarding glyphosate contamination is right on spot.

  9. In response to:

    Our vaccines? OUR VACCINES?
    Are you serious?
    Edgar Crookshank proved in 1889 using Jenner’s own work that vaccines were a fraud.
    That means that all else that follows is a fraud. That means that every government that uses these weapons is guilty of fraud and murder.
    OUR vaccines?
    Framing any given situation in this way so that the listener identifies with the object of the problem is called dialectic. Are you beginning to feel like the manipulated herd animals that you are seen to be?

    and this post:
    not ban vaccines per se?

    Isn’t that is like saying: we don’t intend to ban weapons of mass destruction as a general rule, just make them less dangerous.

    Let’s look at the ‘science’ then: High powered impressive evaluation of ‘the problem’ resulting in: “we’re doomed”. But in all of this: WHERE IS THE ANTIDOTE? You would think with all of those credentials and all of the support of internationally acclaimed academic laboratory prowess that a simple antidote to a SIMPLE molecule would be the first order of business. Hard water alone provides reversible inhibition to glyphosate as a chelator. If something as toxic as dry cleaning fluid can be eaten by methanotrobes you can’t tell me that glyphosate isn’t in danger. And concern about glyphosate in OUR vaccines? That is like being concerned about dust in OUR air. It is used worldwide and that world is contaminated by it. Where is the concern for prion disease in the use of rendered animals in vaccines? Where is the concern for prions contaminating the entire globe as they do? Those rendered animal parts alone contribute to 90% of the labeled diseases by antigenic crossover causing autoimmunity.

    My favorite bit is about vaccine ‘contamination’. How can a toxic poison used as a weapon be contaminated?

    So, follow the advice in these articles and voice your concern to YOUR Congressmen about OUR vaccines. The moment that you voted you lost your ability to choose. Congress KNOWS about the weapons that it deploys and has allowed them in Title 50. Since you CHOSE to be represented they are doing exactly what you chose them to do: be your proxy so that they can advance THEIR agenda. Petitioning them is like complaining to the Devil that you want the thermostat turned down in Hell.

    If this is the level of discussion of the problems of the world then that world is doomed.

  10. Abe says:


    God bless you Stephanie and Anthony! I’ve been saying this for years.

    I wanted to post Anthony’s “Go Fund Me” site. Something is screwy.

    The MMR vaccine numbers blew me away. What Dr. Wakefield found on the MMR vaccine and autism, and the correlation Nancy and I found with glyphosate and autism, and now this! All I can say is some one’s got some splainin to do!