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Farm Wars

In the face of mounting evidence linking vaccines to autism, the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) response is to stand firm and deny the facts. This is a pathologically narcissistic approach to managing the problem, as briefly but accurately described in the following quote:

Here are the three main ways we lie to ourselves:

We minimize the damage we’ve done
We rationalize our actions
We justify ourselves in doing them.

Through these lies we distort reality as we perceive it, we redefine the meaning of what we do, and we adjust what we consider to be right and wrong, in an escalating fashion. Ultimately, any act, no matter how hideous, can be carried out once we have developed the necessary level of denial…. (The Three Horsemen of Denial)

So, keeping this in mind, understand that no matter what studies are done showing vaccine harm, no matter if your child collapses immediately after receiving a vaccine, the CDC will never admit vaccine culpability. It is not in the agency’s nature or best interests of the pharmaceutical industry which controls it to do so.

…no links have been found between any vaccine ingredients and ASD [autism]. (CDC)

Watch Trace Amounts below to discover the facts regarding the synergistic toxicity of aluminum and mercury in vaccines and the blatant denial of government “authorities” that such a causal relationship to the increasing reports of autism and their correlation to the ever-increasing amounts of vaccines given to both children and adults exists. We all need to know this and not just take the jab whenever we are told, trusting that the medical cartel has our best interests at heart.

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8 Responses to “CDC Vaccination Harm Mandate: Deny, Deny, Deny”

  1. Abe says:

    love the way the gears turn in your head. I don’t think you know about them DUMB’s? They’re set to spend a 1000 years under ground in there own little biom.

  2. Irene says:

    Seems like we have lots of evidence to convict the cabal. Bill gates sorros and warren buffet are the high profile culprits and the trials against Bush Obama are being whispered on the net, if it is to be believed. What vis keeping the murderers in place ? You’d think that after the holistic doctors were murdered and the war on whistle blowers and the vaccine truth was exposed there would be a small revolution, but NO!

  3. George H says:

    Now whether vaccine adjuvants are necessary or not, is a moot point. Because instead of enhancing or potentializing the immuno response, the synergistic reaction of vaccine adjuvants actually destroys the immune system. Which of course is the anticipated first step in the Cabal’s soft kill depopulation agenda. But that is only one arrow in these eugenicist’s quiver, for when you combine that with fluoridated water, chemtrails, gmos, and glyphosate poisoning, why then you have a toxic tsunami washing over the hapless booboisie (as they call us). This multi-pronged attack by Deep State actors, and their public and private henchmen, is a veritable govt sponsored MURDER INC kind of operation, which has been planning this offensive for years. And now on the cusp of realizing their NWO dreams, the time is ripe for excess humanity (you and I) to be jettisoned, for as their Georgia Guide Stones clearly mandate, the world population must be maintained at 500 million people. However, Queen Elizabeth, in her Royal largess, thinks that a world population of one billion people is just about right. How truly munificent she is – LONG LIVE THE QUEEN – BUT NOT US OF COURSE.

  4. suss says:

    I have told people/family/friends etc. whats in vaccines and ya know what they look right thru you like what your saying doesn’t matter….. nothing you can say to a brainwashed person… nada will do any good, so save your breath and know we all have consequences of the truth and if you roll up your sleeve then you suffer the consequence. My oldest sister contracts w/ a big hospital she writes software they are even off site and in washington state they have to get annual flu shots now. I hear her nervouse ticks are getting worse from family (we don’t speak), i tried to tell her back when we did speak and she said the pressure was too much so she just gave up and just gets her shot like a good little citizen.

  5. Eileen Kuch says:

    Abe, I couldn’t agree with you more. We’re definitely into the 6th Extinction; and, with the next banking and government-controlled theft comes, the 6th Extinction will go into warp speed.
    And, guess what, Abe, those pushing the 6th Extinction into warp speed won’t escape, either. They’ll be committing suicide.

  6. irene says:

    Since world war 2 there has been a covert eugenics agenda to kill off lower and middle class eaters, starting with brown and Asian people but eventually encompassing anyone over 65 and anyone new born to school age. I recently watched my elderly father get killed with pain medicine and my mother is on anti depressants so she doesn’t have that long either.
    The trace amounts movie blew my mind and I desperately wish I could get my nieces and nephews to understand the vaccine dilemma before they have children and it is too late. One is studying psychiatry, an other getting married in October is a paleontologist. Both are deeply brain washed.

  7. Abe says:

    If people were told that those miraculous vaccines had Rat Poison, Embalming Fluid, Mercury, and Aluminum in them, would they be willing to have there kids, and or themselves jabbed with these concoctions?

    Dr. Offit who patented the Roto Virus vaccine, and who was also on the CDC board that made it mandatory, and made a killing off of selling his patent (what a BS code of ethics!) claimed, a newborn could take 10,000 vaccine doses. LOL I know I’m not alone in wanting him to prove that ridiculous theory!!

    We all know the banks, the DC whores and there alphabet agencies, the presstitutes, along with the mega corporations are all in cahoots!

    We as a people need a new strategy. A friend sent me an article By Dr. Latham which nails it!

    The problem is not glyphosate, or DDT, or BPA – we must challenge the entire system!

    “Shooting down specific chemicals like glyphosate and BPA is not only pointless, it is counter-productive. It distracts from the infinitely more important truth – that the entire oversight of chemical regulation is failing to protect from us from harm.”

    I was in a whole bunch of yahoo chatrooms, frack, chems, GMO;s, VAX, and more, til I figured out why I kept getting hacked!

    Two of them were Dr. Rima and her husband Major General Bert Stubblebine (Gmo’s and Vaccines). After a year or so in these groups, I was seeing what a great untapped resource all these people were. Not only were there some brilliant credentialed minds that were questioning the status quo, but there were also regular people that had cogent abilities that were questioning and not believing what they were told to be true! I don’t see this in 99% of the people I deal with on a regular basis.

    What I wanted General Bert and Dr. Rima to do was to organize the largest law suit ever to be on earth (I like to think big)!!! This was 5 or 6 years ago. What would be better that a General to organize people from all over the earth. Chain it down like the military does. Go after the ho’s in DC, the alphabet agencies, the banks, globalists, and presstitutes all at once, and in all the countries that are major players at the same time. Through The Hague, and crimes against humanity! I was deeply disappointed they weren’t willing to give it a go! I thought it was a good idea then, and a crucial idea now!

    Lets face it, we’re well into the 6th Extinction! With the next banking and government controlled theft comes, which is very, very very, soon, the 6th Extinction will go into warp speed!!