broken-chainBarbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Can you feel it? Can you feel the chains encircling the world as you know it, causing it to shrink into a passing wisp of memory as we drift closer and closer each day into a homogeneous goo of anonymity in which nothing is wrong and nothing is right unless we are told it is by the state, and anything goes except for what is honest and true and valid?

We are instructed in the ways in which we must act, react and recover. State-approved responses in a state-generated manual. And we comply. We comply because that is what we have been taught all of our lives. We know no differently. The ones who remembered and shared their stories are long past gone, and we do not mourn their loss. We are the new generation of enlightened, politically correct citizens of corporate USA. Why? Because that is simply what it is.

We have a set of laws; an instruction manual. Statute and Code. We are expected to know them. ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse.’ Yet, it is impossible to know each and every regulation within the law, and therefore, impossible to know if/when, at any given moment we are in violation. Especially when the rules change. Even the ones that you thought you knew yesterday are different today. So there you are. Wanting to be an obedient citizen, and because you do not know the unknowable, that does not relieve you of the responsibility to do so. That is your job. Your duty towards the corporate state.

And if you are in, you are in. No turning back. Once the gates close, you, my friend, are property of the state. Owned. Your life lies firmly in the hands of those put in place to ensure conformity to the rules. When the whistle blows, you hop to. When the sergeant barks a command, you run to obey. If you are called to place yourself in the line of fire, you do not hesitate.

And if something goes horribly wrong? It is your responsibility. Did you follow the rules? Every last one? Did they change while you were catching that round? Deep down, you know how this goes. You are on the bottom of the priority list. If someone is going to go down for any acts in violation of the rules it is going to be you. That’s a given. Unless you claw your way up the chain of command into a position of authority over another. Then guess who gets the short end of the stick? Pitted against each other like a cock fight. May the best man win. The culling of the herd.

You eat when told, bath when told, sleep when told, and give your life when told. Dissent is punishable by immediate banishment. Out in the cold you go, devoid of a base on which to stand. The ground ripped out from under you.

So you need a network of trust to keep from being chewed alive and spit out like last night’s chaw. And you march together to the beat of a silent, but deep bond of survival. Survival in a system that churns and burns toy soldiers all saluting in a row.

There is a thin line that keeps you balanced between what you’ve been told is real and what is real, commonly referred to as sanity. And you hold on for dear life because that is all you know how to do.

You survive while the world around you crashes into a state of chaos. You reach out desperately to grasp hold of anything that you can to stay afloat. And you find that the only thing remaining constant is truth.

When all is said and done; when all the control games have been played; when all those ‘in charge’ have been exposed for what they truly are and the only thing left is a wet spot where they once cowered in fear, what remains is the truth. The last man standing. Then another. And another. Until a bond is formed that cannot be broken. A bond that will dissolve the fetters of enslavement. A bond that will truly set us free. The only way out of the maze of confusion, doubt and tyranny of ignorance.

One word.


©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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9 Responses to “Owned by the State”

  1. Eileen: Not all Bolsheviks are Jewish. It appears that some like to label anyone that they don’t like “Jewish” as if it is a curse word such as “spic,” the “n” word, ad nauseum.

  2. TejanaDeb says:

    It’s the same old, same old…

    “…Unfortunately, the law is by no means confined to its proper role. It is not only in indifferent and debatable matters that it has exceeded its legitimate function. It has done worse; it has acted in a way contrary to its own end; it has destroyed its own object: it has been employed in abolishing the justice which it was supposed to maintain, in effacing that limit between rights which it was its mission to respect; it has put the collective force at the service of those who desire to exploit, without risk and without scruple, the person, liberty, or property of others; it has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect it, and legitimate defense into a crime, in order to punish it…” – The Law, by Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)

  3. Philip says:

    uh, yeah. Millions of criminal invaders have more confidence as they go about their day-to-day illegal lives than any American citizen who has been caught up – even by a single illegal “catch and release” arrest – in America’s criminal wars against the people.

  4. willmaer says:

    When my spacecraft is finished, I’ll be leaving this planet for good- dead or alive.

  5. Eileen Kuch says:

    George, I believe the Amerika of today is the UNITED SOVIET STATES OF AMERIKA. There is no Fourth Reich, but there certainly is a second Bolshevik State.
    More innocents were massacred under Bolshevik Communism than any other system in human history; the USSR and Red China alone massacred over 120 million in the years 1918 through 1976 (a period of 58 years). The Mongols massacred 40 million in the 13th and 14th Centuries, starting with Genghis Khan.
    Barrack Obama has been mentored by Bolsheviks since his teenage years; his late mother – Stanley Anne Dunham – and her forebears were all Jews; and according to Jewish law, Barry’s also considered Jewish. His recent pro-LGBT decrees prove he’s a Bolshevik and not a Muslim (such decrees go against Islam and the Quran).

  6. Bobby says:

    The “Law” is what the state says it is at any given time of their choosing. Take illegal immigration as an example. When the state does not want to use U.S. Immigration law to deport people here illegally, it doesn’t. It finds some reason why that law can’t be used. But,when the state wants to use that exact same immigration law to deport someone the state WANTS to deport,then that law is suddenly cited. The state does what is wants to do and is above the law. So, apparently, to the saying “we are a nation of laws”, should be added, when we want to enforce them. LOL Of course the disturbing question is, “who is “WE”???

  7. George H says:

    We’re all living in the BLACK IRON PRISON,as Philip K. Dick characterized it, trapped in a modern day PANOPTICON, with the warmongering US Hegemon aka THE GREAT SATAN as our jailer. The Amerika of today has morphed into the FOURTH REICH, a dictatorship run by and for the 1%, with all the rest of us to become cannon fodder or collateral damage. But not to worry because THE GREAT CULLING will soon weed out these irksome peons clamoring for “freedom and jusrice” and get them into FEMA CAMPS and thence into the SOYLENT GREEN FACTORIES where they rightfully belong, because as Satan said “The world belongs to me GOD IS DEAD.”

  8. ‘I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life.’ John 14:6

    “He is coming. This time He will not be spit on.” someone on Pat Dollard

  9. Abe says:

    I feel the chains are going past the yield point.

    I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.
    Adm. Yamamoto

    The general public isn’t wide awake yet, but they’re way past stirring!

    This Sat. Moms Across America are having a march.

    Were planning to go to WCCO (CBS) TV & radio in MPLS MN, and have a real fit to be heard! WE WILL!!!