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There is a trend afoot to institute online banking as a primary way to conduct personal business transactions. Banking on thin air. Convenient, fast, and oh yeah, did I mention convenient?

These are the perks: We can go online, pay bills from the comfort of our homes, cars, in the mall, on the road, and basically anywhere that we can get a cell phone signal, as well as receive payments for services rendered. What a wonderful invention! Yup, people are falling head over heels in love with this upcoming and very trendy technology. But everything that goes up must inevitably come down.

This is nothing new. Not really. If you consider the fact that we the people have been conditioned to place our faith in a valueless piece of paper backed by nothing but a promise by the Federal Reserve; a non-government corporation that is in charge of the economy. And it prints its own money, and the U.S. Government pays interest on it, and we the people pay interest on it, and the debt is compounded daily. And we strive to collect the debt notes, treasuring them and depending on them to live. So, it is not very much of a leap to online banking wherein paper money doesn’t even need to be printed. Cost effective. Now, instead of the illusion being tied to pieces of worthless paper, it is tied directly to the cyber world of banking. We trust that when we click the mouse, funds will appear or disappear at our command.

But if this is all a carefully crafted illusion, where does that leave us when the illusion is ripped away and we are left wondering what happened? What happens when we click that mouse and nothing happens? Or an error message pops up: “This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” Or when you go to log on to your account, another error message pops up: “This account has been terminated.” So easy. With the click of a mouse. All funds gone.

Convenience is a two-way street. What is easy for us to use is also easy for the bankers to control. And the biggest trick of all is when the magician makes the assistant vanish into thin air. What will you do when the bankers make the money that you count on to survive vanish into thin air?

Recently, Amazon Kindle Direct switched to an ‘electronic funds transfer to a bank account only’ form of payment for publishers.  This is a portion of the email that I received from the company:

“Beginning in September of this year, KDP will no longer offer check as a payment method to publishers in your country. If you do not sign up for EFT before September, your earned royalties will be held until banking details are provided.

So, we would request you to change your payment method to EFT. Changing to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as your payment method will provide paperless, secure, and fast royalty payments directly to your bank account with no minimum payment threshold.”

I was forced to either give them a bank account or close the Kindle account in order to receive a final payment before the deadline of September 1. See how easy that was? Read this part again: “If you do not sign up for EFT before September, your earned royalties will be held until banking details are provided.”  Funds on hold. Comply or they are gone. Held in limbo until it is decided that the account is obsolete, it’s been too long, and they can simply be absorbed, or whatever justification is popular at the moment.

We are living on shifting sand. And we do not control how that sand is shifted. Our lives are based on a fantasy created by those we do not know, who cannot be trusted, who do not have our best interests at heart, and who have no problem with robbery, just as long as it is they who are committing the theft. The theft of a carefully crafted illusion put in place by a system so corrupt, so vile, that words cannot even describe it adequately.

Let’s face it; the bankers got us by the cojones. Our lives revolve around this artificial money system, which can be ripped out from under our feet at any moment with the click of a mouse. And it is an addiction; we are all addicted to some degree. We need money to buy stuff, to have a place to live, to eat, drink, get to work, go to school. No money, and there you are, sitting in a cell with Bubba. And now it is getting much, much easier for the bankers to control our supply. Just one click and your account never existed.

But what if we started slowly weaning ourselves from this system of enslavement? What if we formed local communities comprised of people who like to barter? Actually exchange something of value for another thing of value? Might we be better off if/when the system we are living under and being controlled by collapses? Will you be standing in a bread line, or will you be able to fall back on tangible resources? These are the questions we must ask ourselves as we pull back the curtain of the ‘man in charge’ only to reveal … nothing. The system that we counted on to be real and trustworthy, exposed for the lie it is when we find ourselves standing on air searching for something real and finding only the faint traces of an illusion held dear; a thing of no substance, designed to fail and take the ones deceived and holding on for dear life down in flames.

Poof! It’s gone. Your account does not exist. Never did. Please re-enter your pass code…

©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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6 Responses to “Poof! It’s Gone – The Disappearing Dollar”

  1. Marcela says:

    Barb – yes, you are right about all this, and also the reason why “they” are pushing for an “all electronic currency” society. Total control. However, no one here has mentioned the existing and powerful option of Bitcoin. I would suggest you and your readership start finding out (and would be glad to offer some starter info, if you request). Bitcoin digital world currency is TOTALLY INDEPENDENT OF the utterly corrupt monetary system that has everyone, as you say, “by the cojones”. Bitcoin lives on, and is transacted on, the Blockchain – which itself is far more expansive than the existing internet – and which “they” cannot get their hooks into. It was DESIGNED that way by brilliant champions of human freedom all over the world. Which is why “they” try to attack it (and it keeps coming back, bigger and stronger) and now they are trying to jump on the bandwagon with their own system of electronic “money” they are designing (and which people will be fools to participate in, because it wilt be totally under their control, AGAIN). Bitcoin is the currency of the People of the World – including the unbanked – and the Blockchain is a public ledger (no secrets which enable unfair control) which offers anonymity/privacy, as well. And if you have been watching, Bitcoin has gone from a value of a few pennies to over $450, and climbing, dependably. My two cents worth on the discussion… (-:

  2. Patrice Hocking says:

    Our social security number could be interpreted as the “number of our name”. Unfortunately we have played this game far too long. The taxes are rolling out higher and higher each year as they take away more freedoms. Unfortunately there has not been enough outrage or push back or even enough people working toward their own personal sovereignty (myself included). We all wait for the hammer to come down rather than stand which is what they are most afraid of. If we all stood up even locally in our communities, even if it is just educating others, creating community gardens with an explanation as to why gardens are important, stop supporting the big banks, the big box stores – go local. Start small but start.

  3. MissionLIFE says:

    Very well written and quite enraging that AMAZON is also participating in the GDA. I am or was a avid AMAZON shopper and have to truly start sourcing locally or support other businesses who have the same standpoint viewes towards our worlds socioeconomic woes and corruption. Quite a bummer as I believe when I first became a customer the agenda was truly for the benefit of people, but of course as numbers soar so do egos. Here’s to hoping AMAZON stands for the people in the end, whom without there would be no AMAZON. Thanks for sharing. Thoughts and prayers with you.


  4. Abe says:

    I know this is no surprise to you! It sure aint no surprise to me. That’s why I love living in my little town. I talk with the gals at my little bank, and regularly exchange information. Funny thing is, I’m not a kook no more!

    A couple years ago I could get a 20K loan on just a signature. Now It takes my house as collateral!
    I’m pretty frank with them, and lo and behold, they’re pretty frank with me. I tell’em what I know, and they confirm it. I stay as under the radar as much as I possibly can, with there info.

    Barb is right! POOF! Yes POOF!!!!!!

    My advise:::::::
    Get out of paper! Mortgages, DEBT, stocks, and bonds.

    During the year of 1963, President Kennedy began a series of Executive Actions to take back control of America’s money (and monetary policy) from the Federal Reserve that included his ordering the US Treasury to begin printing money again (something it hadn’t done since 1913) and issuing Executive Order 11110 authorizing some of this official government (not Federal Reserve) money, to include certificates backed by silver series, stocks, Bonds etc.

    Time is short people!!

  5. Rabbitnexus says:

    My factory produces a reasonable priced and practical leisure product which has many practical uses if the need should arise too. We have been flexible in our business for more than a decade. We do increasing amounts of EFT but accept cash, (most currencies) precious metals and even trade and barter. Whatever currency we agree u-on it is mutual and both parties satisfied. Whatever comes we will roll with it. I don’t have any money as such in the bank, just accounts used for moving money.

  6. Luke says:

    Barbara your article sums it up nicely, it is all about control. And so many people have skin in the game they just can’t help themselves from going along to get along. Until the defining moment comes along and they no longer have a choice.

    Revelation 13:16-17 KJVS
    [16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: [17] And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.